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Professional mould removal in healthcare facilities

15 June 2022

THE PRESENCE of mould in any facility is concerning, but even more so in a healthcare facility where vulnerable people may be present. It is therefore a top priority for healthcare managers to reduce the chances of mould growth in this setting.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that operates nationwide and provides effective mould remediation services. Using advanced equipment and techniques during the process, ICE Cleaning’s technicians will restore your property to a safe environment for you to occupy once more.

In this article, the experts explore the reasons that professional mould removal is a necessity within healthcare facilities.

Protecting patients

The occurrence of mould can cause various health implications, especially for those with allergies or vulnerable people such as the elderly, children, or those who suffer with weakened immune systems.

As a result, any mould found in healthcare facilities must be dealt with straight away to lessen the likelihood of illness. Specialist cleaners can often attend the site quickly to deal with these issues. For instance, ICE Cleaning’s specialists are able to arrive on premises within an hour to begin work.

Severe consequences are possible if your healthcare facilities are not seen as a safe place to treat people, such as the building being investigated or even shut down in more grave instances. To avoid this, be proactive with having the issue handled. 

Industry expertise 

Professional cleaning technicians have a wealth of expertise from their experience within the industry, and are well-prepared to treat mould in different kinds of settings. 

Using their knowledge and skills, they will be able to significantly improve the air quality within the premises to ensure it is safe for patients and staff alike to inhabit.

As part of ICE Cleaning’s mould remediation service, customers are given the option to have their mould spores tested in a lab to establish the source of the problem. This helps the team identify the best solution for you and achieve the best results for your personal situation. 

Experienced technicians will also follow strict safety regulations during the clean to protect the health of all parties involved, which is important around all types of mould growth. This could involve isolating the area while work is taking place or wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE).

Prevent staff absences

If there is mould within the facility, this may lead to an increased number of absences from staff too. This will make it difficult for you to operate at full capacity and provide effective services for your patients.

Additionally, it could result in staff being unsatisfied with their working environment, as their safety cannot be ensured if mould is visible in the facility. Call in the professionals to remediate the issue quickly to prevent such issues from taking place.

Have a look at ICE Cleaning’s website to find out more about the broad range of services they offer to their customers.