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Kleen-Tex unveils new and improved Super-Mat range

26 October 2021

KLEEN-TEX, ONE of the world’s leading floor mat manufacturers, has extended its commitment to continuous product innovation and development with the re-introduction of its popular Super-Mat offering.

Delivering unrivalled performance for busy entrances that experience heavy foot traffic, including reception areas, corridors and showrooms, Super-Mat offers impressive durability, whilst also featuring a stable border to eliminate any potential trip hazards.
As maintaining a positive first impression for these types of applications is crucial, Super-Mat features a durable twist pile construction, which is solution dyed to maintain a superior appearance for extended durations and is supplied with an 11-year guarantee against significant colour loss.
Featuring 100% Econyl fibres, a regenerated nylon textile composed of man-made ocean and landfill waste, including abandoned fish nets, Super-Mat provides a more sustainable matting option, without compromising on durability or longevity.
Available in two colours, Heather Grey and Black Lava, the new and improved product features an increased pile height of 9mm and pile weight of 800 g/m2, in addition to improve dirt absorption of 950g/sqm, which ensures the mat will maintain the same high-quality appeal and performance for years to come.
Super-Mat is available in three different widths, in addition to a variety of lengths and bespoke specifications up to 700cm, Super-Mat is suitable for installation across a diverse range of applications and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project.
The skid resistant matting is PVC free and has a 100% nitrile rubber backing, making the high-quality product flexible, resistant to chemical and solvent damage, whilst also ensuring it does not mark the floor it is installed on.
The dual performance properties also enable the mat to be easily scraped or wiped and can be washed and tumble dried up to 60°C for enhanced maintenance and cleaning routines.
Lee Fox, director of global business development and key account for Kleen-Tex, said “After significant customer feedback and strategic engineering investment at our European manufacturing facilities, we are delighted to announce the significant improvements we have made to our high-performance Super-Mat range. This includes manufacturing the fibres from Econyl as a sustainable alternative to nylon, which reflects our continued commitment to improving the environmental credentials of our products, whilst simultaneously reducing our manufacturing impact.
“As one of the world’s leading matting manufacturers, we consistently review the design and manufacture of our diverse portfolio of products to ensure they continuously supersede customers’ requirements. Our new and improved Super-Mat range is testament to this dedication and is one of our hardest wearing products to date, which is why we can offer a five-year guarantee on performance and aesthetics.”
The new Super-Mat offering also features improved burning behaviour, with reduced flammability and low smoke emission. Its performance has been raised to a European Standard grade, from a D to a C Fire Class rating (EN 13502-2 / Dfl - s1 to EN 23501-1 / Cfl – s1), to deliver the high standards in safety and performance.
For further information about Kleen-Tex’s new and improved Super-Mat range, visit https://www.kleen-tex.eu/products/outdoor-mats/super-mat/ or call 01204 705070.