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Prevent germs from leaving the washroom

25 August 2021

Rachel Stephenson, trade marketing manager at Gojo Industries-Europe discusses the importance of food hygiene following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prevent germs from leaving the washroom

The focus on hygiene since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic has heightened public awareness that high touch points, including many that some sanitation fixtures themselves, could be ideal landing pads for germs – taps, flush mechanisms, door handles etc.

The rise of smart, touch-free taps and dispensers in response to this threat is a welcome change to the washroom landscape, but one final hurdle remains…the exit. 

Washroom door handles are touched by those with potentially dirty hands as they enter the washroom, those that don’t wash their hands after using the facilities (25%!) as well as those that have dutifully washed their hands. Many visitors are aware of this, and use tissues to form a barrier with dirty handles, but have nowhere to bin them, resulting in unsightly piles of used tissues on the floor.

Placing a PURELL hand sanitiser dispenser by the washroom door allows people to take a dose of sanitiser as they exit the washroom. By placing it between 36" to 46" above the floor, on the handle side, visitors are prompted to use the product as they leave, resulting in clean hands throughout the rest of the building.

Product placement isn’t just important in the washroom of course. Making hand sanitising products easily available at critical points in employee and visitor interactions is vital to controlling the transmission of germs. Key places to think about are:

Canteens and breakrooms
These are some of the most germ-ridden places in any facility. Making sure kitchens, breakrooms and canteens are fully stocked with sanitising sprays and wipes that anyone can use helps reduce the likelihood of transmission of several particularly nasty pathogens.

Employee workstations
Desks, keyboards and computer mice are all high touchpoint areas. Place hand sanitiser bottles at each desk, and make surface wipes freely available to keep hygiene within easy reach.

Meeting rooms
Anywhere where people gather is an opportunity for germs to spread. Placing sanitising stations by the door, and bottles of sanitiser on the table allows employees and visitors to feel safe when resuming face-to-face activities.

For more guidance on ways to influence hygiene behaviour, check out the PURELL PERFECT PLACEMENT programme by calling +44 (0)1908 588444, emailing infouk@GOJO.com, or visiting www.purell-perfect-placement.eu