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Hydro’s bottle lockout enhances safety and supplier security

29 June 2021

HYDRO SYSTEMS, a world leader in delivering chemical dispensing and dosing solutions, is today launching the EvoOne Bottle Lockout System to complement its industry-driving EvoOne push pump dispenser. 

No chemical contact cap system and chemical exclusivity
Hydro’s EvoOne Bottle Lockout is a no-chemical-contact cap system which provides chemical exclusivity with its leading EvoOne product range. Comprising two separate parts, the Lockout Cap has a custom ‘keyway’ position unique to the customer. This makes it an attractive option for chemical suppliers, as it helps prevent users from switching out chemical bottles with other brands. 

Installing the EvoOne Bottle Lockout also minimizes the risk of accidental contact with the chemical. The EvoOne product range delivers the advantages of chemical dispensing to facilities without requiring a water line connection, ensuring accurate doses into sinks, bottles, buckets and other containers. 

Responsive, safe and secure
“The launch of the EvoOne Bottle Lockout System is evidence once again of Hydro’s responsive approach to our customers’ needs. This enhances the already attractive EvoOne proposition for chemical suppliers by confirming exclusivity, while cutting back on wasted product by continuing to ensure the use of concentrated chemicals. It also enables facilities to offer a safer working environment for their employees, reduce waste and costs, optimize cleaning and increase customer satisfaction, while supporting long-term sustainability,” said Matt Hayas, global product manager, Hydro Systems.

Easy to install and use
In common with the EvoOne unit, installation of the Bottle Lock System is quick and easy, requiring no special tools. Its unique foil sealed cap assembly requires users to simply tear out the centre of the cap to expose the foil. The Lockout Cap is then push-fitted to create a non-removable seal over the chemical bottle cap, while a lever pierces the foil to allow uninterrupted chemical flow.

The locking mechanism is pre-installed into the cabinet and no extra components are required for mounting. This can be accomplished by either a bracket/screw fixing or a hook, while a complete Retrofit Kit is also available. In addition, the screw cap is the same size as a typical screw cap used on 2L chemical containers, so it will work on an automatic cap screwing machine. 

“The EvoOne Bottle Lockout System adds to the essential convenience, accuracy, reliability, safety and peace of mind that the EvoOne dispenser already delivers. In a post-pandemic world, where it’s crucial for facilities to uphold their reputation for optimum cleanliness and hygiene, this enhancement will also positively impact employee wellbeing and support the bottom line as facilities reopen,” concludes Matt Hayas. 

For more information about the Hydro EvoOne Bottle Lockout System visit: https://hydrosystemseurope.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Datasheet-EvoOne-Bottle-Lockout-EN.pdf

For more information visit www.hydrosystemseurope.com