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Keep the bar high with CPD and training

26 April 2021

Dave Wheadon shares his thoughts on why the onus is on our industry to keep standards high, with training and continuous professional development.

 AT THE NCCA, we believe in the value of measurable professional standards, following a code of practice and the benefits of continuous professional development.

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain standards in our specific cleaning expertise, we recently achieved CPD (continuous professional development) status for our carpet and upholstery cleaning course. This also forms part of the entry requirement to the National Carpet Cleaners Association, so straight away, people begin their membership with us as we mean them to go on – as trained professionals in their field. 

Keep building up our profession
The coronavirus pandemic has really shown the value that the cleaning industry brings to society. We need to capitalise on this new-found acknowledgement by the wider public and government and continue to raise the bar on cleaning standards, professionalism, and forward thinking. 

No one is an expert in their field without proper training, regardless of your profession. If your intention is to serve the public then you must offer assurances that the offering is backed by knowledge and training. Especially in a health crisis like the present, cleaning services must be exemplary, effective, and appropriate to requirements.

At the NCCA, we believe in teaching a wide breadth of science-based cleaning techniques.  Teaching our members and visiting professionals about one machine at a time is too restrictive and ineffective. 

If one knows fundamental causes of many specific stains and soils, and how to treat them, a consistently successful outcome is much more likely. If you depend on one machine that  you’ve been trained on, then very quickly you will stumble at the first challenge that isn’t within your limited skillset. 

No substitute for training
By undertaking schemes like the CPD (continuous professional development) certification, NCCA members can benchmark their upskilling and re-skilling with recognition of their conscious and proactive training.

Just because you can use a carpet cleaning machine or a rotary, it doesn’t mean that you are qualified or indeed able, to do the cleaning job required. In fact more harm than good may ensue at cost to the client, and your cleaning business and reputation. Incorrectly trained personnel can cause serious damage to clients’ soft flooring and upholstery by using unsuitable chemicals and technology.

Keeping abreast of professional trends, cleaning technology and resources can mean the difference between doing the job well and being recommended or failing and being ‘blacklisted’ by clients. Bad news travels fast on the grapevine.

Reputation is everything
So we would urge cleaning professionals, of every discipline, not to fall behind. Keep up with your training. There’s a lot at stake for large cleaning brands with several teams of technicians in the field. For small companies mistakes can be very costly to the business.

We are immensely proud at the NCCA about our new CPD status which is a significant milestone as it aims to promote excellence in the cleaning sector; this is a long game of increasing quality. There are no shortcuts here.

Don’t abandon regular training and stay one step ahead. Excellence in service is a goal we should strive to pursue as an industry. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the value of being prepared because we were caught on the back-foot. Let’s take what we’ve learned and use it to progress even further for the benefit of our communities and our professional reputations. 

Dave Wheadon is CEO of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA)

For more information visit www.ncca.co.uk