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Closing the recycling loop

23 April 2021

PLASTIC HAS something of a bad name. It’s often regarded as the thing that’s killing the planet and that’s not fair. While there is a lot of plastic out there damaging the environment, not all plastic is bad.

Did you know that many essential storage and transport products are completely recyclable? Did you know that many best-selling products are made from recycled plastic?

We won’t pretend that these alone will solve the environmental challenges caused by plastic but we think it’s a start.

According to the House of Commons Library, the UK uses around 5 million tons of plastic each year.  Right now, a mere 25% of that is recycled, with the rest going to landfill or being incinerated. Neither of which are good for the planet.

This is something we can all do something about.

Recycled plastic products
Plastor has always had an eye on sustainability. We have purposely sought out recycled products and ensured the products we stock are as recyclable as possible.
As we provide these products to businesses throughout the UK, we are doing our bit to help reduce plastic waste in warehouses, kitchens, hospitals, schools and anywhere that uses these products.

Our recycled plastic storage boxes are just one example. The Recycled Plastic Euro Stacking Containers and Recycled Plastic ALC Range are other examples of our dedication to playing our part.

Some of our most popular products, the mobile container trucks are also made from recycled materials.

To make them even more attractive to customers, they are often cheaper than ‘virgin’ plastic. That’s just another reason to buy into recycled products!

Plastic product recycling
The vast majority of the products Plastor sells is also 100% recyclable. That’s completely recyclable. Lots of plastic products are not able to be recycled and it’s those we should turn our attention to.

Coffee cups, carrier bags, plastic straws and other single use products.

We have proven that it is entirely possible to have clean, hygienic products that are made from recycled materials and that are fully recyclable.

Playing our part
According to the most recent studies, it takes up to 450 years for a plastic bottle to fully decompose. That means, if a plastic bottle was dumped back in 1571, it would only just now be decomposed.

If we dump another plastic bottle now, it would still be polluting the earth up until 2471!

Now consider how long it would take an industrial-grade plastic container truck to decompose if it was dumped! Thankfully the correct disposal of the truck means the plastic can be reground and used to produce a totally new product.

Anything and everything we can do to prevent plastic causing further harm to our planet has to be a good thing.

If we can reduce plastic waste while still enjoying the many benefits that plastic brings, all the better. That’s something we can all contribute to if we buy more recycled products.

If those products have no other downsides and deliver the same reliability and performance as new products, why wouldn’t we?

Buying recycled and recyclable plastic products means less plastic waste and less going to landfill.

Those products go into warehouses, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, kitchens and workplaces of all shapes and sizes, helping them play their part too. Those products should provide many, many years of faithful service and can then be fully recycled once they have finished their work.

That’s what we call closing the recycling loop!

Neil Harris, director, Plastor Ltd