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Choosing the right floorcare products and equipment

26 October 2018

Floorcare probably forms part of every cleaning or building care operation in Ireland. But the variety of flooring materials and maintenance products can soon make this seemingly simple task highly complex. A simple idea should help get the best results on the commonest floors.

The traditional floor material found in countless ageing schools and similar public buildings is wood. There is little to beat a nicely maintained wooden floor for appearance and comfort. But they can be difficult and costly to maintain, particularly in heavily used areas or where they can get wet. Most will be finished with polish that must be stripped back and replaced periodically to maintain appearance and durability, or even with traditional wax. Sanding and other remedial action may also be required. While the interval between maintenance will vary depending on factors such as the amount of traffic, it can be costly and time-consuming. This is one of the reasons why schools and similar establishments carry out floorcare during extended holidays. More time is available to get the work done but this can mean the room is unusable for long periods which is not always convenient.

Specialist equipment may be required and the choice of finish will depend on the particular type of wood and how the floor will be used. For example, the finish can determine the slipperiness of the floor which can impact on its use for public events, sports or dancing. Floor care product and equipment suppliers such as Diversey have extensive experience in wooden floorcare and can advise on the right techniques and products to use in different situations.

Architects and building managers recognised the limitations of wooden floors many years ago and sought a replacement. Many turned to materials such as linoleum and vinyl. While these are often easier to clean and keep dry than a wooden floor they are by no means low-maintenance. Vinyl, for example, still requires periodic stripping of the wax or polymer finish before a new layer is applied to enhance a floor’s appearance and maintain its durability. As might be expected from an industry leader, Diversey has a range of suitable products for all types of synthetic flooring.

Advances in cleaning products and equipment in recent years have opened up new possibilities in floorcare. In addition to more synthetic coverings, traditional materials such as ceramics, porcelain and natural stone are more widely used than ever before. One of the reasons for their rise in popularity is that they can all be cleaned and maintained economically with advanced scrubber driers, such as those in Diversey’s TASKI swingo range. Used with the right products and correctly specified pads and brushes these work-horses of the cleaning industry are capable of maintaining any type of hard floor.

Techniques continue to evolve and one of the more interesting innovations is the Twister by Diversey pad. These contain billions of microscopic diamonds that clean and maintain the natural shine and gloss of the floor through mechanical action. They can be used with cleaning products but are also suitable for use with water alone which eliminates chemicals for high sustainability with predictable and reduced costs. Pads with a range of diamond size are available for almost every type of floor, allowing operators to select the performance characteristics ideally suited to their specific application. Regular use can eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming periodic maintenance.

Scrubber driers offer other benefits. Results are achieved by a single pass of the machine and the floor is left clean and dry. This means floors can be used right away with no need for barriers or other temporary restrictions, making TASKI machines ideal for daytime or opportunity cleaning. The same attributes allow the machines to remove dirt and water from wet floors during bad weather. Using the machine regularly throughout the day, particularly when it is raining outside, helps keep the floor clean, dry and safe.

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