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Minimising the spread of infection

24 November 2020

SAFETY SIGNS manufacturer and safety products supplier Spectrum Industrial has launched a campaign ‘Let’s Wash Our Hands Of It’ to help raise awareness of the amount of germs lurking in the workplace.

The company has published an infographic with key facts and stats, which demonstrates the growing importance of workplace hygiene.

According to research published it is a fact that people can spread cold and flu in the workplace by as much as 40% and during 2018/19 it cost the economy £2.9billion.

The cold and flu season has traditionally cost employers around £570 and 5.6 days lost per employee / per year, however with the additional concern of COVID-19 this year, it’s even more important that businesses ensure they have measures in place to help reduce the spread of viruses amongst staff, visitors and customers this winter.

With approximately 80% of common infections transmitted by touch, one of the best ways to help combat this is with hygiene reminder signage.

From hand washing reminders, cleaning surfaces and equipment to wearing of PPE, these reminder signs have been proven to increase the frequency and length of hand washing in particular. 

You can read the infographic at spectrum-industrial.co.uk