Mop it up

05 March 2019

The majority of an operative’s time is devoted to floor care, providing lots of opportunities to develop repetitive stress injuries (RSI) – the second leading cause of cleaning-related injuries, explains Unger.

The term RSI encompasses injuries that affect bones, muscles, nerves and tendons due to overuse. These types of injuries cause continual and recurring pain and, as a result, employers have a duty to their workers to find a better way to complete this important cleaning task.

RSI, not only affect workers, but these types of injuries result in significant financial loss to organisations in time, production and efficiency. So, if floor cleaning is a key service in business operations, it’s imperative to reduce or remove the possibility of repetitive motion injuries by choosing the appropriate, ergonomically designed tool for the task at hand.

Unger is a leading global provider of high quality innovative professional window and building cleaning tools.

The Unger erGO! Clean flat mopping system has a detachable and interchangeable bottle for cleaning solutions. Its unique S-curved pole with auto-drive rotating grips reduces stress and repetitive strains on wrists, shoulders and waist. A telescopic pole, adjusts to the user's height, preventing back issues and validated by ergonomic experts.

Sitemark, the Best Practice Benchmarking company, concluded that by using the UNGER erGO! Clean flat mopping system cleaning service providers can make signification time savings.