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Risks of operating dirty commercial kitchens - Reduce risk and liability

30 November 2020

DO YOU own a commercial kitchen? Whether it’s a commercial kitchen in a lunch time cafe or a high-end restaurant, you’ll know without a doubt that your equipment, from your flue to your kitchen hood are vital pieces of equipment. 

These items have been created to help remove the heat and the moisture, along with airborne grease and toxic fumes from within your kitchen space. These are all byproducts of cooking and, without the necessary equipment could very quickly clog our air allowing us to breath in toxicity on a daily basis. 

Most commercial kitchens are bound by regulations which state kitchen exhausts to be a basic requirement while others are left with a flue alone. Whatever equipment your commercial kitchen boasts, it’s imperative that you have regular deep cleaning, especially if you wish to stay on the right side of the law, ensure your insurance is valid and remain in-keeping with environmental standards.

If you aren’t having regular kitchen extractor fan cleaning however, it’s worth noting there are indeed, significant risks involved. Here’s what you need to know:

Kitchen fires

With kitchen exhausts and flues doing their best to remove those airborne particles, from grease to smoke and more, it makes sense that this will eventually build up in your ventilation system.. Better in the ventilation than in our staff’s lungs, absolutely but it’s paramount that you ensure these systems are being regularly cleaned. 

Without it, greasy kitchen exhausts can pose severe fire risks and essentially, a danger to life to anyone in the kitchen as well as those eating in your restaurant. You may even find that without records of regular cleaning, your insurance will be invalid and you’ll be left with extremely large bills to rebuild the kitchen and more as well as potential lawsuits from individuals you put at risk.

Inspection failures

Without adequate cleaning, your dirty kitchen ductwork would be immediately viewed as health code violations, often resulting in immediate failure during inspection. You are sometimes given time to get your kitchen ‘up to code’ however this isn’t always the case. Having your kitchen shut down could cost you hugely in the short term and in the long run as people find out that your kitchen was closed for not meeting health code standards. This can be incredibly damaging to a restaurant’s reputation.

Poor hygiene overall

Without adequately cleaned kitchen equipment, especially kitchen exhausts and flues, you’re putting your staff at risk by allowing them to breathe in contaminated air. Not only could you put yourself at risk of potential lawsuits again, but you’re also making it difficult for your staff to stay healthy and subsequently reliable for you. Poor hygiene does not a happy team make. Ensure you’re providing a safe and clean environment for your staff and reap the rewards afterward.

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