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The importance of product selection during a pandemic

06 November 2020

Are all sanitisers the same? The short answer is no. To find out why Rachel Stephenson, trade marketing manager at GOJO Industries-Europe, looks at three key factors.

THE START of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a rash of panic buying – toilet roll, pasta and hand sanitiser. Brand preference was quickly overcome by both businesses and consumers in a bid to get hold of any product, leading to the inevitable question: "Are all sanitisers the same?"

Antimicrobial efficacy
First and foremost, products selected need to be effective. Many people assume that higher concentrations of alcohol result in a more effective sanitiser, but studies show that this is not the case. A minimum effective volume of alcohol is required (generally accepted to be 60%), but above this, the way other ingredients interact matters more. Some sanitisers even become less effective with frequent use due to the way these ingredients interact with the skin. 

Skin health and compatibility
If the balance of ingredients is not right, skin can quickly become dry or irritated. This reduces the effectiveness of skin as a barrier against infection. What’s more, those with cracked, dry skin are much less likely to perform regular hand hygiene, due to a fear of making the problem worse, or pain when doing so, resulting in them spreading germs around a facility at an increased rate. Selecting a hand sanitiser with moisturising properties, such as PURELL® Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub helps protect skin health and increase compliance.

User experience
With the range of products in common use in 2020, everyone has no doubt had a poor experience with a sanitiser. Whether it is too liquid, too sticky or too smelly, a less than optimum experience can put users off using the hand sanitisers provided, reducing compliance and increasing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within a facility.

More than ever before, formulation matters when selecting hand hygiene products to prevent the spread of infection. For more detailed information about PURELL sanitisers, call +44 (0)1908 588444, email infouk@gojo.com or visit www.gojo.com