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Alcohol-free hair and skin range

15 July 2019

WhiffAway Group’s technologies and products enhance the washroom experience for hundreds of thousands of people every day, and it has taken this a stage further with the launch of a new personal care product range – AVELENA Clean & Care.

“Avelena has been created to clean and care for your hair and body all in one go,” said WhiffAway head of finance and marketing Georgina McLean.

“The commercial washroom space is one where expectations have become higher and the washroom experience can make or break a business. Our unique alcohol-free ‘Clean & Care’ Avelena range has been created to combine luxurious products which include sanitising properties, for use on hair and skin.

“The easy-to-use Avelena range is ideal for any washroom environment, and particularly suitable in high-traffic and transportation locations.”

The AVELENA ‘Clean & Care’ range includes: 

Avelena Foaming Dry Shampoo – a luxurious Anti-Bacterial foaming Dry Shampoo which cleans and freshens your hair. Avelena Dry Shampoo foam detangles, eliminates odours, and excess oil, with a single pump.

Avelena Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash – a luxurious Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash which hydrates, while cleansing and freshening your skin.

Avelena Anti-Bacterial Moisturising Hand Cleanser & Sanitiser – a luxurious non-alcoholic Hand Sanitiser which cleans up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria while freshening your skin, all in one go.

Avelena Anti-Bacterial Hand Moisturiser – a luxurious Anti-Bacterial Hand Moisturiser which hydrates while cleansing and freshening your skin.