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WhiffAway Waterless Urinal Technology

A tried and tested solution

Since 1990, WhiffAway Group has been the market leader in Waterless Urinal Technology.  Organisations such as Sainsburys, McLaren, Vue Cinemas, Westfield Shopping Centres, M&S, Bank of America and Centrica have converted to 100% water-free urinals with WhiffAway.


Systems Benefits Include:

  • Eliminating Urinal Odours
  • Save Money
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Fully Recyclable
  • No more flooding
  • Reduces Blockages
  • Improves Urinal Hygiene
  • No More Harmful Chemicals
  • Save Water


WhiffAway not only supply product we also provide a full Installation and serviced solution avoiding run to break down scenarios. 

WhiffAway also provide additional practical solutions for your washroom including Biological Solutions and Closed Systems.

Now is the time to review water -free urinals with WhiffAway to save money, water and energy, in conjunction with reducing your operational costs and enhancing washroom perception.


For further information go visit our website www.whiffaway.com

contact 0800 783 4883 or send an email to info@whiffaway.co.uk




Waterless Urinal Technology

We are pioneers in Waterless Urinal Technology and inventors of the world’s first retrofit Waterless Urinal System in 1992. This was the world’s second ever Waterless Urinal System and a true breakthrough, removing the need for customers to change urinal fixtures to go waterless and resulting in significant savings.

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Waterless Urinal Adaptors

Both Waterless Urinals and Reduced Flushing Systems have been historically perceived negatively. This is primarily due to the type of technology utilized, including how these systems are installed and maintenance practices adopted thereafter.

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Closed Systems

WhiffAway Group developed the Closed System concept in 2012, based on an understanding of operational problems from other plumbing entities, such as wash hand basins, floor drains and the shower gully area.

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Biological Dosing

WhiffAway has been developing and manufacturing Biological Solutions since 1999. Our core focus has been engineering solutions geared towards cleaning and dosing, with emphasis on odour control for entities within the washroom area.

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Cleaning Solutions

WhiffAway Multipurpose Cleaners are safe, effective treatments to assist with the provision of a trouble free toilet and washroom hygiene.

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The ActiveBlue Delivery System is a smart (IOT) environmentally friendly biological dosing solution for WC’s and Urinals. Delivering a controlled measure of blue colour, odour neutralisers, foaming and lime scale inhibitors on every flush.

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  • Hand Hygiene
  • Soaps & Creams
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