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A leader in the field of sustainable cleaning

27 June 2019

Leading manufacturer and supplier of away-from-home (AfH) professional paper hygiene and wiping products, Northwood, is a leader in the field of sustainable cleaning.

The sustainability credentials of paper towels are well-known, their use precluding the electricity required to power electronic hand-dryers and to launder cotton towels.

A sustainable approach is taken throughout Northwood, a vertically integrated group of associated companies, the activities of which include recycling, manufacturing and logistics. 70% of Northwood’s paper products are EcoLabel accredited, and the company recycles 55,000 tonnes of waste paper a year back into the manufacturing process, preserving the equivalent of 1,833 football pitches of forests. 

50% of the paper products within Northwood’s North Shore premium proprietary system range of washroom dispensers and consumables are EcoLabel accredited.  Nearly 70% of North Shore’s paper products are made from recycled paper, and its dispensers have been engineered specifically to minimise waste.

It is no surprise that, since its launch in 2018, North Shore has quickly established itself as the system of choice for environmentally sustainable AfH washrooms, with customers including educational establishments, sports grounds, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, public, council and office buildings and hospitality venues.