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A handy 'auto-dose' of cleaning advice

05 April 2018

P&G Professional looks at how auto dosing systems can lead to big savings, throughout the hospitality sector

Cleaning is a necessity for all business, but something that is often overlooked. Businesses often underestimate the value of clean, and the impact that proper cleaning products and methods can have on their bottom line. An unclean hotel or restaurant does not go unnoticed by guests, and it is something they are quick to mention to others, be it via word of mouth or on social media. With that in mind, it is essential that businesses look for the most cost effective way to get the best results. One such aid, especially for large companies looking to make savings without sacrificing on quality, is go introduce auto-dosing systems. 

Employee productivity 

With labour costs now accounting for 35% of operating costs in many hospitality businesses, choosing the right cleaning equipment can help to improve productivity of your housekeeping staff. Simple to use systems reduce the downtime required in preparing to clean. 

Cleaning equipment, like the Flash Professional Cleaning System, use simple numbers and colour coding technology to ensure the correct products are used every time. Language barriers are no issue, as product labels and images clearly show how each chemical is used. Choosing the correct product for a job and at the necessary concentration will reduce time spent cleaning (or re-cleaning). Employee productivity can be improved with the system’s easy-to-use design. When manual systems are used, staff spend more time measuring and mixing chemicals and water to meet the correct ratios. 

Controlling costs

Automated dosing equipment, like the Flash Professional Cleaning system, dispense cleaning products at the appropriate ratios every time, controlling the use of chemicals is guaranteed.  

Well-designed systems, activated by the push of a button, make it easy for employees to choose the appropriate cleaner or disinfectant and fill spray bottles, sinks and buckets with the proper dosing cleaning products.

Controlling the chemicals used in cleaning not only prevents chemical over usage and waste, but reduces the frequency with which products need to be purchased. Saving will continue long term and have a continued impact on the bottom line. 

As water is used for chemical dilution, it is imperative that usage is monitored to ensure products are effective but also to control utility costs. Without automated systems it can be difficult to know and measure the correct amount needed to prepare the chemicals. Over diluted products will not clean effectively and solutions which are under-diluted, waste chemicals. This results in inefficient staff for the former, and increased costs for the later. Properly concentrated products will prolong the life of chemicals, reduce packaging of products and cut down on the transportation required, compared to ready-to-use products.

Cleaning safety 

Finally, auto dosing of chemicals can also help alleviate safety concerns. The accurate and consistent dosing promotes staff, resident and customer safety by ensuring there isn’t overuse of chemicals or chemicals are not mixed incorrectly. 

Properly diluted products will clean to their full potential, to disinfect surfaces and kill germs and eliminate dirt. This creates a safe environment for guests in hotels or residents in care homes, helping to create a home away from home environment. 

Beyond cleaning efficiency and cost savings, auto dosing systems help to ensure the job is done right the first time. Consistently cleaned and disinfected surfaces keep residents, guests and patrons in a clean and hygienic environment. When customers have a satisfactory experience, they’re likely to become repeat customers, and repeat customers are profitable customers.