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Tork PeakServe is a game-changer in high-traffic washrooms

30 October 2017

New from global hygiene brand Tork is a revolutionary washroom system that is claimed to provide more than double the capacity of any of its rivals.

The Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel system from SCA Hygiene Products can cater for over 1,000 washroom visitors between refills – 600 more than most other dispensers, according to the company. And it can be refilled twice as fast.

"Tork PeakServe is the most significant hand drying innovation to have emerged on to the market in the past 20 years,” said sales director Nathan Titheridge. “It is a game-changer in high-traffic washrooms. The dispenser caters for 250 per cent more guests between refills than conventional units and provides each washroom visitor with a towel in just three seconds. And this makes it much more efficient than jet air dryers which take at least 10 seconds to dry the hands.”

Hand towels in the patented Tork PeakServe system are compressed during production to make them twice as compact as standard hand towels. The bundles are joined together using a hook and loop system to provide a continuous supply of paper. Refilling takes seconds since the cleaner can simply insert another bundle into the dispenser during a standard maintenance check.  

“Up to now, FM managers have had to make a choice between roll towels which offer high capacity and folded towel systems that can quickly be topped up,” said Nathan. “We have taken the best of both worlds and created a revolutionary system that combines high capacity with a unit that can be topped up at any time.”

He adds that the way in which the towels are delivered is another major advantage. “Most high-capacity hand towel dispensers feed from the bottom which means the weight of the bundle creates a degree of pull force,” said Nathan. “This often results in ‘tabbing’ – where smalls sections of the towel break off and end up on the floor. Tabbing can add significantly to the cleaning costs since someone needs to clear away the mess afterwards.

“Tork PeakServe dispenses towels one at a time in a continuous loop from the top in a similar way to that of a roller towel. This means there is no pull force and the problem of tabbing is eliminated.”

Tork PeakServe has been specifically designed for high-traffic venues such as stadiums where queues are a major issue. New Ipsos research sponsored by Tork reveals that dirty, overcrowded washrooms are the biggest headache for visitors at stadiums - ranking higher even than long entry queues and crowd violence. 

“Guest experience is a valuable currency in today’s social media-driven world and customers are no longer prepared to be delayed in a washroom – particularly a dirty one,” said Nathan. 

“More efficient washroom systems result in lower cleaning bills and happier guests along with better online reviews. And when washroom visits are faster, people have more time to visit the food and drink concessions which makes the venues more profitable.

“Tork PeakServe is truly a new class of hand wiping system – one that completely outperforms existing solutions.”