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Seminar on Li-ion battery compliance

24 April 2017

On 1 June 2017, European Cleaning Machines Recycling (ECMR) will host a seminar on the Island of Urk in the Netherlands, in close collaboration with Van Peperzeel. The topic will be: "Compliance with the new regulations when storing, transporting and taking back Li-ion batteries."

Cleaning company ECMR prioritises innovation and sustainability in a zero-waste environment. Van Peperzeel is said to be the largest collector of used lead acid batteries as well as the national sorting centre for end-of-life Li-ion batteries. The two companies have set up a partnership to help producers and importers comply with their obligations in the area of collecting and disposing of used batteries. 

The cleaning industry is becoming increasingly aware of the harmful environmental effects of lead acid batteries and the new generation of Li-ion batteries, which is potentially even more dangerous in terms of its impact on storage, transport and recycling.

ECMR and Van Peperzeel have combined their expertise to create a set of guidelines on used batteries and the associated recycling methods.

During this seminar, they will share their expertise on handling hazardous goods to ensure that you are fully informed about how to guarantee safety procedures and transport these products in accordance with the new regulations that are now in force within the EU.

This seminar is said to provide new information on safely and sustainably handling Li-ion batteries, without endangering the environment and the employees who are involved in this activity and exposed to the potential risks on a daily basis.   

This seminar is primarily intended for CSR managers, warehouse managers, safety managers and quality managers and for everybody who works with hazardous goods on a daily basis.

For more information please visit: http://www.ecmr.nu/seminar/