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Could a washroom by any other name smell so sweet?

24 February 2017

Washrooms are hardly the stuff of Shakespeare, although to be honest some probably smell like they would have in his day! Bad odours can put off potential users and there’s no point blaming the smell on the dog for this one. However, there are long lasting, environmentally friendly solutions designed specifically to combat this issue, says Dave Carson from P-Wave

No matter how long you spend cleaning a washroom and how sparkling the facilities may appear, all too often you still don’t end up with the result you’d like. Why? Well, because washrooms – and let’s face it particularly those used by men – don’t always smell as fresh as they should. If they don’t smell good, then people perceive that they aren’t clean.

This can mean employees, visitors and customers get a bad impression of your premises, which is not good news whatever industry you operate in; hospitality, retail or corporate. 

Tough on smells, tough on the causes of smells

It might seem a relatively simple concept – urinate in the relevant urinal, trough or toilet bowl – but the primary cause of bad smells is urine that’s made its way onto the floor and into the grouting between tiles, along with a build-up of bacteria in pipes. Whether this is because of carelessness, splashback or blocked pipes is largely immaterial, the odour is there for all to smell. 

Regular cleaning obviously helps, and air fresheners also play their part at improving the atmosphere, but taking on the problem at source is an obvious step. There are now screens to go in urinals and troughs that help to reduce splash back – stopping urine bouncing back onto the user or floor – and also capture bits of tissue, chewing gum or other debris that might block pipes. The protrusions on these screens are the secret to their success. 

The best screens also contain exceptional fragrance along with the bacteria-battling enzymes to ensure pleasant, lasting aromas. This can make a huge difference to the washroom environment and overall hygiene standards in a building. 

Kind to the environment

While it can be tempting to engage in some form of chemical warfare against unpleasant odours, as anyone who’s tried it will know, it generally ends up creating something worse than the original smell, never mind the environmental consequences. Choosing solutions that are kinder to the environment can actually be more effective. 

As you’ll no doubt be aware from the various food supplement adverts, there are ‘good’ bacteria and ‘bad’ bacteria. By including odour controlling ‘good’ bacteria in products the smelly ‘bad’ bacteria which feeds on urine can be eliminated without reaching for the hazmat suits. 

The best products are also 100% recyclable and low in toxins such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). After all, you don’t want to solve a problem in the washroom, but cause damage to the environment elsewhere. 

One size doesn’t fit all 

Each type of toilet requires a specific solution – whether a urinal screen, trough screen or bowl clip – and you want to know each will have the same quality and effectiveness, so a range that covers them all is recommended. 

Ease of use is also important. Any screens should be easy to install and some now come with a build in ‘clock system’ so it’s clear when they need to be replaced. 

Value for money

As with much in life, you get what you pay for with washroom products. Quality products can tackle the odours in a number of ways and last a month; reducing the overall purchase cost and the time spent cleaning in the washroom. 

Taking these relatively simple steps can dramatically improve the scent of your washrooms and ensure that the sparkle is matched by the smell; good news for washroom users everywhere.