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Hybrid sweeper

26 September 2016

Nilfisk has launched the SW5500 Sweeper that offers hybrid capability and is said to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

The new SW5500 is available in battery, LPG and Diesel versions and has a working width of 850mm, enhanced with 2 side brooms to 1500mm.

Normally as a broom wears the sweeping performance is reduced in line with the deterioration in the brush. The new Nilfisk adjustment system means that the distance between the end of the bristle to the debris always remains the same. This ensures that optimum sweeping performance is maintained at all times. A low bristle length warning light is also included on the unit’s dashboard.

The Hybrid option allows you to use the same machine inside and out, seamlessly switching between engine and battery power at the touch of a button. The optional hybrid technology also reduces emissions and noise levels. The sweeper is suitable for warehouses, distribution centres, sports arenas and shopping centres. 

All sweeping functions are activated by pressing one button and the drive pedal. Additional features include an energy saving, all functions auto stop when the unit is not being driven. A powerful drive wheel means that the unit can climb and sweep a 20% gradient. Speed is automatically reduced on slopes minimising the risk of tilting and improving safety. Speed control is provided on side brooms too, eliminating dust and providing a useful solution for sweeping up against gravel edges. The Nilfisk Dustguard misting system sprays water on side brooms reducing dust considerably and improving the immediate environment.