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Mobile technology for pressure washers

02 March 2016

Kärcher explains how – from the one you throw in the back of a van, to all day, every day devices capable of deep cleaning, stripping and demolition – today’s high pressure solutions really do provide total network coverage

Traditionally, achieving portability has often meant a compromise in performance, but the latest solutions deliver reliable results across all machine classes -– without surrendering mobility.

Go mobile 

Although many professional-grade cold water pressure washers on the market fulfil the basic requirements of shifting dirt and being able to be carried, the impracticality of trailing cables and hoses which tangle in transit and loose accessories (like extra nozzles and washing brushes) that are easily lost soon mar the experience. 

If you’re in the market for a new machine to take with you while you work, there is good news; modern models are now lighter weight, with a power that belies their compact dimensions. Some even incorporate features usually reserved for much more expensive machines – like automatic pressure relief on start up to protect components, comfort trigger guns and high-grade hoses and power cables. Look for professional-grade accessories which can be stored on board, to provide easy access and helping to prevent trip hazards. 

Need wireless

There are always times when simply plugging into power isn’t practical, and it’s here where combustion machines really come into their own. Available in hot and cold variants, combustion models deliver several hours’ continuous use on a single tank of fuel and are ideal for cleaning applications where no power supply is available. Comprising a compact engine and pump assembly mounted on a tough, highly mobile tubular steel chassis; look for models with large wheels and pneumatic tyres to ensure easy handling and manoeuvrability on uneven terrain. Fully caged versions offer all-round protection and easy lifting by crane.


If water and electricity are hard to come by, why not bring them with you? Mobile high-pressure trailers are versatile all-rounders which can be towed by – or mounted within – your existing vehicle. Look for generous on-board water and fuel tanks to allow for long intervals of stand-alone use; models with large tanks, which can also be connected directly to a permitted water supply, make the perfect professional companion for use in local authorities, construction and industry. 

Smart devices

We’re used to multifunctional technology these days, and pressure washers are no exception; pressure washers coupled with accessories can deliver all manner of additional functionality with the use of specialist nozzles, brushes, from cleaning indoor hard surfaces with splash-retaining heads (that have the added benefit of carrying away waste water), to cleaning pipes, drains, solar panels, barrels, tanks and vehicles. Upgrade to an eco-mode model to ensure your machine works to the optimum efficiency for the task at hand.  

Pay as you go

Hiring machines can be a route to get solutions on site fast and bridge gaps in procurement or budget windows. It’s also worth investigating via a contract cleaning specialist if you only perform certain tasks on an ad hoc basis; having the right machine for a short while can save significant manual effort and labour costs.

Flexible tariffs 

For unbeatable versatility, it’s worth considering finance packages; for many years now companies have leased their vehicles, IT equipment and forklift trucks. Against that backdrop, many businesses are now making the same decision regarding their cleaning requirements.  

With such a wide range of solutions available, from 9 to 3,000 bar, matching a machine to your needs can unlock new levels of productivity, while options to lease, hire or rent on demand can help control cash flow, whilst still providing the reassurance of full maintenance and service support.