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Battery R&D centre

15 June 2015

Trojan Battery Company, the manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has expanded its research and development (R&D) capabilities with the opening of a new R&D centre in Sligo, Ireland.

Known as Trojan Battery Ireland, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trojan Battery Co., the facility is located on the campus of the Institute of Technology, Sligo at its Innovation Centre.

Trojan Battery Ireland will focus on R&D of advanced material additives, fundamental electrochemistry and other innovative technologies which will play a role in the continued advancement of Trojan batteries. These developments will enhance Trojan’s battery offerings for its foundational and emerging market segments. In addition, the Advanced Materials Centre will enable Trojan to introduce advancements in deep-cycle battery technology more quickly.

Gordon Beckley, senior vice president of engineering and quality assurance for Trojan Battery said: "Having a research facility separate from any of Trojan’s manufacturing plants allows the Sligo engineering team to remain focused on true research and advanced development, while not being pulled into manufacturing continuous improvement projects. This independence is important as technology innovation plays a larger role in our long term success."

Trojan has appointed two research scientists to manage various Trojan projects at the new Sligo R&D facility: Cormac O’Keeffe, Ph.D., and Anita Hamilton, Ph.D.