Is green the new black?

26 January 2015

The start of any year is always an exciting time filled with hope and planning but it’s hard to move too far away from our economy which has so many external factors kicking it, Delphis Eco reports.

Thankfully the UK is one of the most popular work destinations in the world so price pressures should be mitigated by extra demand. This easing of the economy has led many companies and organisations to look into more long term sustainable practices. There has been a realisation that previous business models will not stand the test of time and that actually being 'green' saves you money, improves your brand and is cool!


In January we attended the Foodservice Packaging Association Environment Seminar which was attended by 100% more people than last year. KFC, McDonalds, amongst others were all first time visitors ‘hungry’ to hear about how we can join up thinking amongst manufacturers and recyclers to close the loop. Sustainability was the take away word from the conference.


We have also had a sneak peak of Britain’s World Expo stand which is having its finishing touches done before the Expo opens in Milan in May. The centerpiece of the stand is a huge beehive recognizing the vitality of bees to our ecosystem. The well being of our environment is now on the big boys table.


The Sustainable Restaurant Association always gets lots of mentions by Delphis Eco and justifiably so. Their 3 star rating system for sustainability, pushes caterers to act and procure in a way that minimises environmental impact. Restaurants and organisations all proudly publicise their star rating putting the SRA logo on their menus, websites and marketing material. Further proof of their ever growing popularity is that the SRA is more than two times oversubscribed for their annual awards evening, even after doubling the size of last year’s venue. 


Finally the UK Green Building Council has just appointed their new CEO Julie Hirigoyen who was head of sustainability at JLL. What is amazing is the sheer number and quality of their membership! They must represent a vast majority of the UK’s property owners, builders and operators all of whom have signed up because they want to participate actively on the sustainability agenda.


Green is without doubt the new black and if you want to get 'trendier' Delphis Eco is here to help.