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Ebola guide welcomed by UK health workers

12 January 2015

As the death toll from Ebola in West Africa continues to increase healthcare workers in the UK are being provided with a new guide to help protect them from infection.

A 44 page guide has been drawn up by scientists at hygiene and infection control specialists Chemex International. The guide has been adopted by the UK's Independent Ambulance Association as a guide to best practice.

The guide's lead author, microbiologist Sean Derrig, said: "While the risk to UK healthcare workers remain low, the longer the outbreak continues to grow in West Africa the greater the possibility of infected people coming into the UK.

"Health care workers who are most at risk are those in accident and emergency units and ambulance services. The purpose of this guide is to provide the facts about the virus and give advice on how health workers can keep themselves infection free."

Derrig, who is scientific director for Birmingham based Chemex, added: "There has been a great deal of misinformation about this virus and this guide will provide clear information which helps people understand this organism and puts the risk in context as well as providing practical advice."

Mr Ali Hashim, company secretary of the Independent Ambulance Association, said: "We are delighted to endorse the comprehensive guide made available by Chemex about Ebola.

"There is guidance and information available from many government and regulatory agencies out there relating to Ebola in different scenarios but in different documents and places which can get confusing and time consuming.

"Chemex have produced a comprehensive guide that includes up-to-date Government and official guidelines in a one-stop guide. It will prove an invaluable reference for our members."

Chemex recently donated several tons of high level hypochlorite disinfectants and hand soaps to help improve infection control in Sierra Leone - Africa's worst affected area.