Steam-e – Battery Powered Chewing Gum Removal Machine

19 February 2016

The worlds best chewing gum machine powered by a single battery !

This is the world’s fist chewing gum removal machine with 'point of contact technology’!              


The machine weighs 12kgs and is moved like a pull along vacuum cleaner, making chewing gum removal quick and easy with absolutely no heavy lifting or strain for the operator. 


The handle or wand can be used in a variety of lengths with the attachments we provide, making cleaning gum from the floor or a seat equally as fast and easy.

Chewing gum deposits are turned to a foam in seconds, with no secondary clean up required. A single operator can easily destroy 2000+ pieces of gum with a single charge of the battery. Want to work for long periods uninterrupted? Why not add a second or third rechargeable battery?


The super quiet machine has no trailing leads or hoses or dangerous fuels, making it very safe to use in public places. It uses a small amount of water with a unique additive made from sugar beet, which is very environmentally friendly and made from 100% renewable sources.

The machine costs £2.50 per hour to operate – Making chewing gum disappear for less than 1p per piece…