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Increase efficiency, maximise your buying power and achieve greater cost control with Office Depot

28 April 2014

The desire to continuously improve business standards, customer retention and service offering is central to any core business decision made by facilities suppliers.

Customer demand is evolving rapidly and it is therefore vital for suppliers to demonstrate the ways in which they can add value to a customer’s organisation, and continue building upon that value year-on-year.

Meeting sustainability targets

At Office Depot, we understand that one of the key targets for organisations this year revolves around corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In this respect, we are working to help organisations meet their environmental targets. We employ a dedicated environment team to make sure that we meet rigorous standards, while also ensuring we are leading the sector by looking for innovative ways to reduce our impact. 

Consolidation to increase efficiencies 

Rationalising your supplier base has key benefits for your efficiency and purchasing power, but it is essential to have a supplier you can trust. Our buying power and extensive network of suppliers means that we can competitively buy almost anything needed for a work place. 

Supporting your business 

We look to incorporate our customers’ own targets and delivery objectives within our own. We can, therefore, ensure that we not only meet customer product needs, but go above and beyond by adding value through additional services and business support. Over recent years, this has very much been guided by the need for cost-reduction but retained value, and while this is still an important priority, other business objectives have come to the fore i.e. sustainability, logistics capabilities and innovation. It is therefore essential to look beyond core objectives to ensure that a well-rounded approach to FM is considered. This way, improvements will be gained year-on-year.

To find out more, why not visit us at the Facilities Show (17-19 June 2014) stand: Facilities M1310.