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Mobile foaming machine

07 March 2013

QJS has announced the launch of a new mobile foaming machine.

QJS has announced the launch of a new mobile foaming machine.

The Technifoamer is a compressed-air driven system designed to meet the needs of the food processing industry for a high-capacity mobile unit that applies cleaning chemicals in a controlled manner.

High capacity tanks pack 110lt of pre-diluted chemicals into its 860 x 525 x 760mm body.The tank requires fewer refills and helps to reduce cleaning cycle times. It is manufactured from Polyethylene which, says the British manufacturer, has been droptested, fully loaded, from a height of 1m with no splits or damage to the tank body.

QJS senior partner,Ted Turner, explained: "We have made the Technifoamer available in red or blue to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between areas.

Features and options include a stainless steel foam valve and lance, a stainless steel handle and non-marking wheels, a 10m foam hose, and chlorine-proof pumps.

Pre-diluted chemicals are pumped from the main tank by an air diaphragm pump and delivered through the application hose.The introduction of compressed air via a control valve enables the foam quality and consistency to be adjusted to suit the chemical and the application.

The machine is protected by a 12-month warranty.