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The home for workplace and facilities innovation 

26 February 2024

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, shifting workplace cultures, and an increased focus on employee well-being, The Workplace Event 2024 emerges as a beacon of insight, innovation, and inspiration. Cleaning Matters explores what's on offer for delegates.

SCHEDULED TO take place from April 30 - May 2 at the NEC Birmingham, The Workplace Event 2024 promises to be a pivotal gathering for more than 5000 workplace and facilities management professionals.

With over 100+ exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge products and services, The Workplace Event 2024 is a hub of innovation. These exhibitors cover a diverse range of offerings, from state-of-the-art workplace technology to ergonomic design solutions and well-being initiatives.

Summits and seminars

At the heart of The Workplace Event 2024 lies an array of thought-provoking summits and seminars designed to elevate the discourse around the future of work. The Workplace Leaders’ Summit, a cornerstone of the event, brings together visionaries and influencers to delve into the latest trends shaping the workplace landscape. Simultaneously, The Knowledge Hub is divided into two distinct realms, one exploring the ever-evolving landscape of workplace technology and digital advancements, and the other delving into the realms of workplace culture, health, and well-being.

Amidst the wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities, The Workplace Event 2024 introduces the Wellbeing Village—a dedicated space focused on employee well-being. Attendees can explore the latest trends and solutions in workplace wellness, fostering an environment where physical and mental health are prioritised.

Workplace Leaders Summit

The centerpiece of the show, the Workplace Leaders Summit will feature a line-up of influential keynotes and speakers who are shaping the workplace experience and facilities management of tomorrow. Each day wll be themed with hosted interactive sessions, workshops, and roundtables. Attendees will come away being inspired and empowered with fresh ideas and strategies to implement in their organisation.

30 April 2024

10:30 Panel Discussion: What Makes the Commute Worth It? 

Exploring what organisations need to consider for working in the new normal. What should be our approach to hybrid, now it's here to stay?' How does this impact collaboration, learning, different generations and a host of other questions will be explored in this user-led panel on magnetising the office. 

11:30 Panel Discussion: Hybrid Harmony: Crafting the Future Workplace - Strategies for Adapting and Thriving in a Dynamic Environment

Explore the Future of Hybrid Working with our expert panel discussion! Join us for an insightful conversation where industry leaders will share their perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape of work. Discover practical strategies for businesses to adapt and transform their workplace environments and gain firsthand insights from experts who have mastered the art of hybrid working. This engaging panel promises valuable takeaways for businesses looking to thrive in the new era of work.

12:30 Keynote: Wellbeing and Productivity: A Journey Through the Experiences of an Entrepreneur Who has her Employees’ Wellbeing at the Heart of the Business. 

At COOK they have a philosophy of fostering a supportive environment where colleagues feel valued and turning the daily work routine into a collaborative journey of shared successes and positive vibes. In this keynote, Rosie will share her outlook and how a positive approach, and a host of different initiatives, such as the RAW Talent programme, have contributed to COOK’s high productivity and success.

13:15 Global Perspectives on Hybrid Work and Innovation in the Office: Variations, Rationales, and Long-Term Implications 

Deep dive into a comprehensive analysis of the diverse strategies employed by major global organisations in embracing hybrid work models. Exploring distinctions across regions, we elucidate the underlying rationales and articulate the long-term implications of this dynamic shift in contemporary workplace dynamics. Attend this session for an insightful exploration into the strategic changes adopted by leading companies in reshaping the landscape of modern work. 

14:30 Panel Discussion: AI in the Workplace: Managing Spaces and Performance 

Let's talk about AI at work, how can it help us manage workspaces and even our performance? Let's take a look at how we can harness new technology so that it works for us.

15:30 UNHINGED: The True Challenge of Inclusion Strategy 

Unleash the power of thought with 'Unhinged,' where three dynamic panels converge to unravel societal norms. Explore the vibrant tapestry of Inclusion, threading narratives that defy exclusivity and champion diversity. 'Unhinged' isn't just a discussion; it's a catalyst for change, pushing boundaries and fostering a progressive dialogue that dares to reimagine a world unbound by stereotypes. Join us on this intellectual journey, where minds collide, ideas flourish, and the status quo is beautifully unhinged.

1 May 2024

10:15 Driving Down Energy Use in the Workplace 

For almost 20 years there has been a focus on reducing workplace energy use, initially to save costs, but more recently because most of us are on a journey towards net zero for our buildings and beyond. The key to optimising energy is increasing visibility of energy use so that you can get accurate data. Then turning that data into actions. Take away the passion and the knowledge to transform your energy plans and achieve net zero earlier than you thought possible.

11:00 Keynote: Leverage Insights from the Workplace Index to Make Hybrid Work for All

11:45 Employee Engagement: Challenging Assumptions with Data 

We would all love to be able to navigate the uncertainties in the workplace with accurate robust data.  By integrating people and property data we can get a broad view, and by diving deeper into employee engagement and workplace experience data, we can gather the right mix of data types to help us create a satisfying workplace for all.

12:30 Real-life ESG Reporting Across the Supply Chain: A Case Study 

Developing a robust ESG reporting system that will give you the data insights you need now and in the future.

13:15 Panel: Session Brought to You by IWFM

15:00 Greening the City: Sustainability for Social Impact 

Bringing together a panel of passionate collaborators who are changing the way business and non-profits are working together to create sustainable projects for social impact in the City of London. What is the workplace impact and how can you take away some of their lessons learned?

16:00 Design for Good: Enhancing the Environment and the Workplace 

The lines between work and home are blurring. Climate change is not a debate. As Workplace Leaders we have a responsibility to act. How can we create holistic and sustainable, good business solutions?

16:45 UNHINGED: What it Really Takes to be an Entrepreneur 

Unleash the power of thought with 'Unhinged,' where three dynamic panels converge to unravel societal norms. Entrepreneurship takes center stage, as pioneers share their unfiltered journeys, challenging traditional business paradigms. 'Unhinged' isn't just a discussion; it's a catalyst for change, pushing boundaries and fostering a progressive dialogue that dares to reimagine a world unbound by stereotypes. Join us on this intellectual journey, where minds collide, ideas flourish, and the status quo is beautifully unhinged.

2 May 2024

10:30 Panel Discussion: The Strategic Workplace Leader: Changing Roles and Opportunities 

With so much ongoing uncertainty the responsibilities that have been thrust upon the Workplace Leader have created myriad oportunities for traditional FM. The panel will share thoughts and ideas around the future role of FM and how we can move seamlessly towards business leadership positions with influence.

11:30 Keynote: Join a Company, Leave a Boss 

Building a workplace culture where people want to stay.

12:30 Panel Discussion: Collaborating to Create the Inclusive Workplace 

One of the unlooked for benefits of creating a safe space for diverse employees to thrive, is that ALL employees flourish. This can lead to unexpected benefits from increased creativity and diversity of thought, to access to a wider talent pool for recruitment and improved retention across the business.

13:15 Mock the Workplace 

 Workplace Leaders Summit 

In this highly interactive workshop, panellists and members of the audience share positive success stories around getting people back into the office. Some of our biggest wins have come from small nudges and surprising feedback. Pick up tips and ideas, and come prepared with a few of your own to drop into the mix.

14:30 UNHINGED: The Reality of Anti-racism 

Unleash the power of thought with 'Unhinged,' where three dynamic panels converge to unravel societal norms. Dive into the intricacies of Anti-Racism, as lived experiences mold perspectives, shattering preconceptions. 'Unhinged' isn't just a discussion; it's a catalyst for change, pushing boundaries and fostering a progressive dialogue that dares to reimagine a world unbound by stereotypes. Join us on this intellectual journey, where minds collide, ideas flourish, and the status quo is beautifully unhinged.

What’s on?

Adding an interactive and dynamic dimension to the event is "Tomorrow Meets Today." This initiative facilitates conversations between junior FM industry members and their senior counterparts, fostering unparalleled networking opportunities. An engaging dialogue featuring Andrew Hulbert and Sajna Rahman, the driving forces behind this initiative, promises to connect professionals across generations, creating a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences.

Another highlight is the "Unhinged" Sessions, a unique opportunity to engage directly with the foremost figures in the FM industry. Hosted by Pareto FM, these exclusive Q&A sessions provide attendees with the chance to query and interact with industry leaders. Participants can gain invaluable insights, tips, and guidance, propelling their success in the world of FM.

Top 50 leaders and workplace data census

An integral part of The Workplace Event is the unveiling of the Workplace Leaders Top 50—an acknowledgment and celebration of the most influential and innovative players in the facilities management and workplace design sectors. This prestigious list recognises organisations and individuals whose contributions have had a lasting impact on the industry, setting benchmarks for excellence and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the modern workplace.

The Workplace Data Census is another highlight, providing a comprehensive snapshot of industry trends and insights. By gathering and analysing data from across the sector, the census offers a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities that organisations face in adapting to the evolving demands of the modern workplace. This data-driven approach ensures that attendees leave the event not only inspired but armed with the knowledge needed to drive meaningful change within their organisations.

Career hub and networking

In addition to these enriching sessions, The Workplace Event 2024 boasts a Career Hub—a centralised space dedicated to helping professionals navigate their career paths. Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran seeking a new direction or a young professional eager to explore opportunities, the Career Hub offers resources and guidance to shape your future in facilities management.

The Networking Cafe provides a casual setting for attendees to connect, share ideas, and build lasting relationships. Fuel your conversations with coffee and collaboration in an environment designed to foster spontaneous interactions and the exchange of fresh perspectives.

Cap off your day of learning and networking at the end-of-day Networking Drinks. This relaxed setting provides the perfect backdrop to unwind, discuss the day's insights, and forge connections in a more informal setting.

Collecting your CPD Certificates

The show offers a CPD-accredited educational programme designed to provide expert insight and learnings for professionals. This year Nineteen has partnered with CPDMe who will be available onsite to help facilitate your certificates of attendance and build your CPD points portfolio (CPDMe Hall 4/ Stand 4/M60 located in The Health & Safety Event).

Please ensure you scan the QR code at the end of each session as this will register your attendance and issue you a downloadable certificate of attendance. If you require further assistance, meet the team at their stand 4/M60 located near the knowledge exchange theatre in hall 4.

Visitors will need to contact their professional body, employer or association to add their certification of attendance to their personal record to show the further learning they have achieved for that year.


As professionals from diverse backgrounds come together to explore the nuances of workplace design, technology, culture, safety, security, and well-being, the event becomes a core event for the dynamic and ever-evolving world of facilities management. Whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or a young professional eager to propel your success, The Workplace Event 2024 invites you to step into the future of work—a future shaped by innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to creating spaces that inspire, motivate, and nurture the individuals who inhabit them.

The Workplace Event is free to attend and is part of The Security & Security Series. Co-located with The Security Event, The Fire Safety Event, The Health & Safety Event, National Cyber Security Show and Professional Security Officer Live.

All visitors can also enjoy free parking, saving time and money, and giving the flexibility to travel safely to and from the event across the full three days of the show. 

Find out more: https://www.theworkplaceevent.com/
Register for your FREE PASS here: https://www.theworkplaceevent.com/cleaning-matters