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Workforce management whitepaper

29 October 2019

Global provider of workforce management solutions Ezitracker has produced a white paper aimed at global cleaning contractor companies.

 The paper entitled: ‘The Cleaning Contractors Guide to Workforce Management’ is available to download from the Ezitracker website: www.ezitracker.com

The white paper explains what workforce management technology is, and how time and attendance technology can impact the operational barriers faced by cleaning businesses. These companies often employ large numbers of site-based workers, sometimes hundreds of remote working staff. Nowadays, they have a need to provide proof of service provision to their own clients. A Cleaning Contractor employing 10 cleaners needs to provide the same attendance verification and actual evidence of time spent at a client’s premises, as one that employs hundreds of cleaners.

Ezitracker time and attendance technology enables employers of large and small workforces such as cleaners and facility maintenance workers to reduce absenteeism, lower costs via automation, and increase productivity and efficiencies.

Christian Berenger, managing director - UK, Australia & New Zealand - Workforce Management at Ezitracker, said: “Tighter service level agreements, the need to provide accountability for remote workers and to safeguard them means that ensuring that staff are on-site as planned is critical. Modern time and attendance software technology enables operations managers to verify attendance in real-time and eliminates the need for paper timesheets thereby streamlining payroll reporting. We fully expect that the concept of ‘Smart Facilities Management’ will become the standard and transform cleaning businesses from reactive to proactive and predictive.”

Ezitracker provides web-based solutions for Time & Attendance Monitoring, Mobile Audits, Payroll Automation and Management Reporting to cleaning & facilities management companies, security companies and temporary workforce agencies. Established in 1998 and part of the HAS Technology Group, Ezitracker has built a reputation of being a trusted supplier of reliable and innovative technology solutions for better workforce management.