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Toucan Eco Active

05 August 2019

Toucan Eco is a revolutionary new bio-cleaner that means you can stop using 80% of chemical cleaners and disposing of the single use plastic bottles they come in.

Toucan Eco Active is a greener way to clean small to medium facilities.

It makes 10 litres of eco-friendly antibacterial multi-surface cleaner that kills 99.999% of bacteria from just water, salt and an electrochemical reaction.

The system includes a generator unit, 10 litre tank, 2.5 litre brine container and 30ml brine dosage pump, dispensing tap, stainless steel shelf and wall fixings.

The system uses salt tablets mixed with water in the brine container to make a supersaturated brine solution. The 10-litre tank is then filled with tap water – either by hand or plumbed in – and 30ml dose of brine water added, which is the correct amount for activation. The unit is switched on and activation takes around 15 minutes.

We estimate that the user will be able to make around 2,500 litres of solution before needing to add more salt tablets. The system comes with a one-year guarantee.

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