Window of opportunity

29 April 2019

Simon Hart of Art Cleaning outlines the ways in which cleaning contractors can generate more revenue from their window cleaning subcontractors

As a contract cleaning company you will no doubt have window cleaning subcontractors that undertake works for your clients' windows. However, are you aware you could be generating thousands of pounds of revenue from your window cleaning contractors and in turn show a proactive approach to your clients' cleaning needs?  

Nine times out of ten, the appearance of a client’s building requires some attention, whether that be internal high level cleaning or external cladding cleaning. Most window cleaning contractors will be able to utilise the tools they already possess to offer a diverse range of services on a periodic basis, at a fraction of the cost.  This will then allow the cleaning contractor to add a healthy mark-up to the end client for the additional services.

Let’s take a look at the additional services that could potentially be offered:

Cladding cleaning

Most cladding can be cleaned using the Reach & Wash system. A basic clean can be achieved using pure cold water, however, to achieve superior results, utilising a hot water system that appropriate detergents can be added to will ensure the cladding looks brand new. Remember, if chemicals are used to clean the cladding, then they must be rinsed to remove any sticky residues.

Here at Art Cleaning, we were aware that one of our clients had a window cleaning budget remaining from an existing order which needed to be spent before the end of the financial year. We suggested to the client that some of the budget was utilised to clean the cladding and bicycle shelters near the front main entrance, given this was the first area the public see when they arrive.

The client agreed to the additional work being undertaken, and were so impressed with the results that were achieved with a simple and inexpensive process, they have now entered into talks regarding extra cleans in different areas and annual cleans to the main entrance. This would result in an additional contract of cladding cleaning to a building of several thousand square metres and the bicycle shelters.

Canopy cleaning

Innovations in pole cleaning equipment, such as ‘Telescopic Goose Neck’, allow window cleaners to easily clean glass canopies and the windows directly above them. This would primarily mean your clients' front entrances; an area they will be keen to ensure creates a positive impression. Historically, the window cleaners would have either time consuming and expensive options of setting up and working off a scaffold tower, or adopting unsafe practices of working from a ladder.  But thanks to the new innovations, contractors are able to highlight the ease in which these can now be cleaned on a regular basis, at a minimal outlay, to ensure they are clean throughout the year.

Gutter cleaning

It is likely that most window cleaners will have invested in some form of technology that allows them to vacuum debris out of gutters, up to approximately four stories high. This is a safe and inexpensive way for your clients to maintain their gutters and prevent water damage to their buildings. Furthermore, it is worth noting that most insurance companies require the policy holders to maintain their building adequately, and should a claim be made, can require proof of these measures being undertaken on a regular basis. It is not always the case that vacuum systems can reach all areas, however, good window cleaner subcontractors should have staff who have undertaken working at height training and have IPAF licences, for the areas that are more challenging to access.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your window cleaning contractor

Having an understanding of the best practices your contractor should be adopting will ensure your end client is happy. Check the quote carefully; are they using Reach & Wash to clean entrance areas?  Could that cause a slip hazard to your clients employees or visitors? Will it walk dirt into the building? Ground floor windows can be cleaned traditionally so don’t be afraid to challenge the proposed methods.