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Retail and Daytime Cleaning

13 March 2019

Retail cleaning presents a challenge when shops are busier and open for longer. Overnight might not be the most convenient or economical time to undertake cleaning operations because of additional wage, lighting, heating and security costs. Most retailers want to keep their premises clean when it matters most, during opening hours, and this means “daytime” cleaning.

At this time of the year the increase in wet weather can present a real challenge in keeping floors clean. The constant flow of people coming and going in large numbers can bring water, mud and other debris into the building, all of which can ruin the floor’s appearance and cause gradual degradation. On top of this is the need to remove any materials that can increase the risk of a slip or trip accident.

Regular cleaning throughout the day using an advanced TASKI swingo scrubber drier, even when people are present, will help keep hard floors in tip-top condition and maintain their appearance. It is important to choose the right pads to use with the machine to achieve the optimum combination of results, efficiency and economy.

Twister by Diversey is an innovative range of colour-coded floorcare pads made from 100 per cent recycled plastics. Each pad is impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds. Varying the size and combination of these diamonds during manufacture ensures there is a pad for almost every common type of hard flooring.

The unique properties of the pads mean they deliver exceptional results with water alone when used with TASKI swingo scrubber driers or rotary-disc machines. Working without chemicals simplifies cleaning processes, creates a healthier environment for cleaners and building occupants, and reduces routine machine maintenance burdens.

Twister by Diversey pads are less abrasive than the corresponding conventional alternative which helps to protect the floor while giving a smoother and improved appearance. The resulting micro-polished finish of the floor is also more resistant to soiling. In retail settings, most floors can be cleaned and maintained using blue and orange pads from the range.

Microfibre mops and cloths from TASKI represent an alternative option for floors and hard-surfaces. For many general cleaning tasks these can also be used with water alone which promotes sustainability. Microfibre is also excellent for removing dust from shelves, counters and other hard surfaces.

Water can also get onto floors when the drainage points of inefficient chiller cabinets cannot cope and overflow. When this happens, Diversey’s super-absorbent TASKI Zorba Leak Lizard strips provide an effective barrier to retain water and prevent it spreading or forming puddles in busy aisles. Each 60cm strip absorbs up to two litres of water, ready for convenient removal during quieter periods. Any residual water can be picked up by a scrubber drier or microfibre mop.

Another key area for many retailers is the washroom. These will typically be checked and cleaned frequently so simpler, more efficient processes can improve standards and cut costs. The unique TASKI Sani 4in1 washroom cleaner replaces four or more alternative products. It can be used for all periodic and daily cleaning tasks and delivers best-in-class disinfection, descaling, cleaning and deodorising to maintain or improve the washroom’s appearance. It is suitable for all acid-resistant areas.

Integrated trolley systems such as the TASKI Trolley are ideal for general cleaning operations because they allow all items to be kept together for efficiency and convenience. But while routine cleaning is essential there will inevitably be times when emergencies arise. Trolleys are also perfect for periodic, problem solving and spot cleaning. In large and busy shops, a high profile “rapid response” trolley can be configured with specialist products and tools. This will deliver a clear signal to customers that the retailer takes cleaning seriously and deals with problems quickly and professionally.

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