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Digitally supporting hygiene and compliance

07 January 2021

CLEANING AUDIT software does what its name implies; it audits the cleaning process. The software allows you to digitally create, manage and report on cleaning audits more efficiently than using paper-based checklists.

The software allows users to set up separate functional areas that represent different usages and degrees of risk, requiring varying cleaning frequencies and levels of monitoring and auditing. Often the cleaning has to be done in compliance with regulatory, industrial or locally agreed standards. And this is where the software can help.

Such software is widely used by NHS trusts to demonstrate compliance with the latest NHS National Standards of Cleanliness and their cleaning audit standards. 

These standards specify that all functional areas must be assessed and assigned a risk category which identifies the likely infection risk of any cleaning shortcoming in that area. This is used to create a cleaning specification which documents the nature and frequency of the cleaning activity, the audit frequency and the actual audit score. Any ‘failed’ areas automatically generate a remedial cleaning task and target timescale.

Cleaning audit software helps to speed up this entire process. In just a few clicks you can undertake an audit, identify any failures and remedial action, and generate audit reports.

A spokesperson from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust said: “The cleanliness auditing process (desktop and mobile app) is simplified. Being able to create and undertake specific audits (within the app) is smooth and easy. As a manager responsible for a cleaning service, the software enables the prompt generation of action plans for multi-disciplinary teams, right through to analysing trends.”

Asckey has been supporting and providing software solutions to the Healthcare sector since 1995. fmfirst Cleaning is the company's internally developed cleaning audit software and is part of its fmfirst suite of software applications. Each application is designed to speed up the process of collecting, reporting and analysing key performance data. 

Asckey specialises in developing data collection applications. From working with clients across different sectors it was recognised that a more bespoke application was needed for clients who were interested in collecting data for similar compliance-based activities, such as fire risk assessments, kitchen cleanliness, patient feedback etc.
From this, Asckey developed its survey software, fmfirst Survey. Its tailored software design makes it easy to use, and it can support a wide range of survey types, including audits. This gives cleaning providers the ability to offer auditable evidence of their efficiency and effectiveness to their clients. The software collates the information and displays a report that provides an overall score within the parameters set when creating the survey templates. User can then identify high-risk areas, trends and areas for improvement. 

Survey software provides a digital survey solution. It simplifies traditional time consuming and often error-prone paper-based systems and provides the ability to achieve fast and accurate data input. 
By using digital software solutions, you can free up time and resources that can be better allocated. You also have a digital record and audit trail of work undertaken, making it easier to identify when annual reviews need to take place. It also allows you to see where there has been growth or improvements made after each review, and prove compliance standards have been met. 

For more information contact sales@asckey.com or visit www.asckey.com