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Post-lockdown monitoring systems

19 May 2020

In the post-lockdown world there will be an increased emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness in every industry. Grange Technologies – the new brand for Grange Europe’s range of IoT monitoring and compliance technologies – is offering a solution for everyone.

From footfall monitoring to customer feedback, the company's portfolio of devices provide data across a wide range of key performance parameters.

Grange Technologies Hygiene Monitoring offer includes Hygiene360, which provides a visible countdown to the next cleaning due time, and records when an area has been cleaned. Hygiene360 also includes enhanced customer feedback, customer and staff issue reporting, and its best-ever footfall device. Its all-new dynamic routelist, also means you can be sure you are targeting the right location at the right time.

Hygiene360Lite is the company's latest innovation. An enhanced version of its popular Hygiene Monitor range, Hygiene360Lite is a battery operated, IoT SIM connected device which offers improved configuration management with an online management and data portal and enhanced shift management for more flexible operation. The Hygiene Monitors remain as popular and as important as ever, playing a key role in visible hygiene compliance across a range of industries.

In what has been a busy year for the Grange Europe team, its range has been extended to include feedback and footfall counting as separate and distinct products in their own right. Feedback247 offers a fully customisable survey platform with a distinctive kiosk stand for operation in a variety of locations – anywhere where good service matters. Footfall247 is footfall tracking technology which can be installed quickly and is the company's most accurate footfall device ever.

“We’ve been busy. We’re seeing a real increase in demand for monitoring systems across many industries which has led to us developing products beyond our core ‘hygiene’ range. Grange Technologies is our way of recognising that change, while retaining our popular Hygiene Company brand,” said Jonathan Bradford.

Grange Europe is a leading supplier of hygiene products, including its very popular antibacterial hand and surface wipes, sprays and foamers and a superb range of dispensers from wall mount to free standing, all of which are all marketed under ‘The Hygiene Company’ banner. Monitoring and compliance devices are a part of the new Grange Technologies brand.

For further information visit www.hygiene360solutions.com or www.thehygienecompany.com