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MAK CHEM & LUBES join A&S International

01 March 2021

A&S INTERNATIONAL has started the new year with two new additions to its growing range of quality brands. MAK CHEM’s range of maintenance chemicals has been acquired along with the MAK LUBES range of maintenance lubricants.

A&S International will offer both product lines to its global distributor network & developing UK direct client base with immediate effect.

Sales of these new quality maintenance chemicals & lubricants steadily grew during the second half of 2020 despite the limiting business conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Particular success has already been enjoyed by the MAK CHEM brand in Greece, Philippines & Portugal. The majority of the products can be easily & effectively demonstrated to clients; however, due to the current inability to visit industrial sites in many countries, a range of demonstration videos have been produced for inclusion on the corporate websites & social media.

Angus Macdonald, co-founder & director of A&S International said: “It is fantastic to start 2021 with the great news that the MAK CHEM & LUBES International brands are now part of our growing range of products.

"We have ambitious plans to develop the global sales of these high- performance maintenance chemicals & lubricants via our team of loyal distributors, direct clients here in the UK as well as a new network of distributors. Our team is pleased to see the high level of interest from around the world despite the continuing challenges of doing business in a pandemic.”

Companies that are interested in the profitable business opportunity of marketing & selling the MAK CHEM & MAK LUBES product lines in their territories should contact the A&S International team via the website. New distributor partners will be warmly welcomed & assisted with product training and prompt technical support: https://www.aands.international/contact/

Product demo videos are available at https://vimeo.com/aandsinternationalltd