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Ergonomic flat mopping system

27 February 2019

"The washroom is an area where the most complaints arise, but it can also be an area of opportunity to showcase the cleanliness and health of an entire organisation,” said John Lombardo, vice president of global marketing for Unger Enterprises.

“Unger is a leading global provider of high quality innovative professional window and building cleaning tools. Designed to significantly improve the quality of clean, worker safety and productivity," he added. “Ergonomics are key to the design to ensure worker safety and reduce workers injuries.”

Unger has launched a new product in the floor care cleaning and maintenance category called erGO! Clean, a flat mopping system.

A detachable and interchangeable bottle for cleaning solutions means it’s ready to clean, so no lengthy preparation time is required. A telescopic pole adjusts to the different heights of the operator, preventing back issues. 

Its S-curved pole with auto-drive rotating grips eliminates poor posture, reduces stress and repetitive strains on wrists, shoulders and waist. The design is validated and approved by ergonomic experts.

According to the company, contract cleaners can make signification cost and time savings by using the Unger erGO! Clean flat mopping system as tested by Sitemark, the best practice benchmarking company.