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Robust reliable sensors for automatic hand sanitisers

16 September 2020

BAUMER SUPPLIES automatic, non-contact hand sanitisers which incorporate miniature optical sensors.

The sensors ensure reliable and safe hand detection at switching distances from 15mm up to 300mm, at any angle of incidence, even when the viewing window is soiled and for the entire lifetime of the device. Adjustable switching delays also prevent multiple or unwanted spray bursts to reduce wastage. Also, thanks to the high immunity to ambient light there are no restrictions to the sensor functions, even in very bright environments.

The extensive range of sensor designs available from Baumer ensures easy integration into dispenser housings. For example,0200 Photo-electric miniature sensors which offer outstanding reliability, excellent precision and reproducibility, even on black, shiny, transparent or irregular surfaces. Also, 0300 Miniature Sensors when space is very limited, providing enhanced processor performance for reliable detection in 12.9mm housing, detecting the smallest objects plus past processing.

Finally, cylindrical M18 photo-electric sensors for cost-effective object detection in a compact yet robust industrial housing of either plastic, brass or stainless steel.

More at: https://www.baumer.com/gb/en/c/279

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