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Twister diamond floor pads

26 April 2018

More than years ago, Twister set out to develop the most complete, cost-efficient and easy-to-use floor cleaning system based on diamond technology and tap water.

Today, Twister diamond pads are recognized by professionals all over the world as a superior daily floor cleaning method producing consistent, high-quality results at lower total cost of ownership. The secret, of course, is in the diamonds.

Thanks to Twister´s ability to not only clean, but also gently micro-polish any floor during daily cleaning routines, the floor surface gradually becomes more densified and resistant to dirt and wear. This means floors that are easier to maintain, reducing or even eliminating the need for period maintenance.

Twister also simplifies the daily routines without compromising with the results and still outperforms the competitors in regards to durability. A Twister diamond pad has three times the expected life span as that of a traditional scrubbing pad -meaning coverage of 30 000 sq. m in comparison to a traditional  floor pad’s 10 000 sq. m coverage. The Twister daily cleaning pads are also extremely user friendly with clear wear indicators (when the color of the pad is gone, so is the cleaning effect) and with no chemical dilution to take into account you will see very few deviations and dosage related problems.

When implementing chemical free cleaning with Twister the amount of consumable waste can be reduced by up to 98%. This includes the weight of the waste from the pads, chemicals themselves and packaging of both pads and chemicals.

With only water in the mix and pads that last longer, Twister outperforms all other daily floor cleaning systems in regards to green cleaning. If you want to know more, contact us today.

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