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Cleaning your office after a renovation

08 February 2018

One of the most important parts of an office renovation is getting your working environment back to its comfortable, professional feel which makes it a great place for both those that work there and any clients who may visit.

This means getting rid of paint smells, finding the right decor and getting back to business as soon as possible. In this article the experts at Cleanipedia, an online resource for housekeeping and cleaning tips, explain how to get your office back to normal after that all important refresh.


Having an office renovation is a great time to have a clear out. Organise your paperwork and get rid of any unnecessary items around the office. If it doesn’t have a home it probably doesn’t need to be in your office in the first place!

Be Sure Not to Miss Anything

A soft rag with a small amount of disinfectant is a great way to clean your electronics. Also, keyboard keys, vents and fans are dust traps so making sure you use a duster to clean them out after an office renovation.

Purchase Some Air Freshener

After having a renovation in your office space there is bound to leave some less than pleasant smells hanging about the place. Knowing how to get rid of paint smell and other lingering smells is not as hard as you might think. Simply opening a few windows and bringing in some air freshener from sprays to reed diffusers will make all the difference.

Invest in Some New Furniture

A fresh, new environment to work in deserves some brand new furniture to boot. Bringing in some light wooden furniture and open storage is a great way to give your newly renovated office a new lease of life and fresh feel to it.

Disinfect the Bathrooms

Somewhere that everyone is bound to end up at some point during the time that they spend in your office is the toilet, after all everyone needs to answer nature’s call at some point. When they do, having clean, fresh bathrooms makes it a much nicer experience!

Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaner

As much fun as cleaning around the office yourself can be, it can be quite time consuming. Sometimes the best thing is to call in a professional cleaner, and get them to clean out all the nooks and crannies when the renovations are over.