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Things to consider when carrying out professional cleaning services

12 October 2015

If you offer professional cleaning services or wish to begin starting such a business, there are certain aspects of the industry that you must be aware of.

You may be hired to clean someone’s home or workplace and if you fail to meet the high standards expected from you, you will reduce your business’ image, reputation and credibility which will lead to fewer calls and less customers looking for your cleaning services. To make sure that you are taking the right steps, take a look through these important factors to consider whilst participating in cleaning and maintenance services.


Experience matters

Nobody wants to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Experience goes a long way and sure, you probably have scrubbed your fair share of dishes and mopped the floors in your own home but have you ever cleaned someone else’s house professionally? Clients expect top quality cleaning when they decide to hire you, so you have to deliver on your promises. Gain experience by asking friends or family to let you clean their homes. You can do this for free, it will still count as noted experience. If you can receive some great testimonials and references from a few of your customers, this will be useful to show to future clients to act as an assurance of your professionalism and quality services.


Thorough cleaning
You may be conscious about the amount of time it takes you to clean someone’s home or office. Remember that it is important to clean the place well, not quickly. Focus on getting the job done to the best of your ability and once you have accumulated mountains of experience, you will become quicker and more efficient because you will know the ins and outs of the business. Start at the top of the home and work your way down. You will need to carry out certain tasks such as removing cobwebs, emptying trash, cleaning windows and doors, polishing glass and stainless steel, cleaning the kitchen and appliances, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping floors and sweeping.


Supply list
Clients expect you to come with your own cleaning supplies, especially if you claim to be a professional cleaning service. Supplies and equipment that you will need include: glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, magic erasers, micro fibre mops and pads, broom, dustpan, dust mop, cleaning cloths, step ladder, granite cleaner, furniture polish, grout brush, floor cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, small toothbrush and scrub pads. There is a huge list of possible cleaning supplies so make sure that you bring the right ones with you depending on the job at hand.


Extra services
Some professional cleaning companies may offer additional services that many clients will like to include. These are extra little touches, which will be both noticed and appreciated and include sweeping porches, spraying bed liners with Lavender Linen Mist – which can be homemade if you’d prefer not to buy more expensive versions from shops – refrigerator or freezer cleaning, oven cleaning, blind cleaning and many others. As your business expands, you may wish to add even more services onto your extensive list such as real estate cleaning, new construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, laundry services and errand services. 


Your job MEANS something
The BBC states that cleaners are an ‘integral part of the infection control team’, and that ‘upgrading of the status of cleaners’ is needed and necessary to ensure that they are cherished just as much as any other employee. It is important to be passionate about your job so make sure that you remember what an important service you are providing to your clients.

This blog has been written by Bethany Taylor on behalf of Molly Maid who offer professional cleaning services