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Airborne dust, can you handle it?

12 September 2016

An issue that is often inadequately addressed, is the exposure of the public and personnel to the problem of airborne dust.

With respiratory illnesses and related health issues continuing to plague many workers in retirement, too little is being done about those still at work today.

Whilst the inhalation of harmful particles in all walks of life cannot be controlled absolutely, steps can be made to reduce exposure for many in and around the work environment.

The fine dust that settles of floors stock and equipment is often considered too difficult to prevent, just take a look at the fine dust build up on a typical supermarket floor at the end of a day. This represents just what has been walked in off the street, let alone what could be produced in a busy work situation.

Many businesses have methods in place in their floor care regime to combat this hazard, but for others organisations, the dust issue often does not seem to be easily addressed.

A simple yet highly effective product that can help with this problem is Dusmo, which can be used on virtually any hard floor surface in just about any industry.

Dusmo from Interface is an old established brand of sweeping compound that cleanses floors and allays dust whilst sweeping.

By preventing the dust from rising in the first place and capturing it all within the compound, fine dust can be removed from the floor, quickly and effectively. The resulting surface will therefore have the potentially harmful elements removed.  This will dramatically reduce the airborne dust from being created by further footfall or traffic thereafter.

A small amount of Dusmo is applied to the floor and simply swept along, as the compound is moved, the dust and dirt particles are attracted to the compound and lifted from the floor, but also kept locked within the compound, with a fresh, clean floor left behind as it is swept along.

Small amounts of Dusmo can maintain surprisingly large floor areas, with one 20kg bag able to treat up to and 300 m3 (over 3,00sq ft).  

It seems counter-intuitive to do this, but it really does work according to Interface, just ask the many well known businesses throughout the country, who have relied on Dusmo to successfully maintain their floors over the years.

Dusmo has to be one of the most proven products manufactured in the UK, as it has been continuously available since 1906. So now that you know that the industry's best kept secret is out, there is no excuse in combating the menace that is airborne dust.