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Medical innovation is in the air

21 August 2015

Esther Hooley, chief sales and marketing officer for Fragrance Delivery Technologies, explains how oxygen is breathing new life into air fragrancing systems

Keeping facilities clean and free from unpleasant odours is essential to create a good visual impression of your organisation. Providing a welcoming, comfortable environment suggests business success and a commitment to caring for staff and visitors. 

Money can be well spent on the upkeep of a building but the presence of strong smells from tobacco, cooking, mildew, animals or people could undo all that investment. Building managers and building service contractors know it can be incredibly difficult to keep facilities smelling consistently fresh, especially in high-traffic public buildings.

Many air fresheners work by masking pungent smells with heavy perfume and the fragrance intensity can start to fade noticeably within days of installation. With traditional aerosol spray products, the spray comes out at timed-intervals and the fragrance, though initially strong, does not linger long enough to last between each spray. These spray products rarely work continuously to eliminate odours.

My organisation has introduced a new air freshness system, based on a medical grade innovation, which uses pure oxygen. Combined with a proprietary odour neutralising agent, this eliminates, not masks, any bad aromas, leaving only fresh scent in the air. The Oxy-Gen powered method ensures exposure of only precise doses of fragrance oil, while protecting the reservoir. This guarantees that the freshness of the first day is maintained throughout the 60 days of the refill cycle, providing round the clock freshness.

Energy-efficient options 

At least 90% of air fresheners used in commercial or institutional premises are aerosol, pump spray or fan-driven gel systems which are not environmentally friendly. Only around 10% of today's market use more sustainable fuel cell technology, with Fragrance Delivery Technologies providing the only oxygen-fuelled system – in our opinion is a more energy efficient and eco-friendly option. Fuel cell technology, based on a medical grade innovation used in the pharmaceutical industry is revolutionising the field of fragrancing with its emission free and precise fluid delivery.  

Fuel cell technology has been around for a while in applications that range from large scale power production to miniature fuels cells used in computers and medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers. Unlike traditional batteries they are essentially simple and operate silently, with few or no moving parts.

The growing demand for this type of technology stems from ecological concerns about harmful propellants, high levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and battery disposal. 

A fragrance to suit any interior 

Suitable for receptions, waiting rooms, dining areas, luxurious lounges and washrooms, the oxygen based system is unaffected by temperature, humidity or other environmental factors. Fragrance molecules are dispersed by the natural air movement within the area or room. 

The compact design means this new air freshening system also works well in the transport sector, including the interiors of trains, buses and coaches, with the long-lasting fragrance making journeys a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Due to its focus on environmental and physical safety, the product is popular in the healthcare sector such as in nursing and care homes, with veterinarians, clinics and hospitals

Hassles and hazards removed 

Round-the-clock fragrance means minimal maintenance is required by cleaning teams – they simply look to check if the green light is flashing to know that it is still working, and refills are simply to install. 

Organisations have the option of the colourful Viva!e air freshening system, or the practical Shield model, which is tamper-proof and for facilities more susceptible to vandalism. The smooth, contoured design of the anti-vandal dispenser makes it difficult for anyone to grip and tamper with the dispenser, particularly when positioned at height. 

The considered choice of materials when designing and specifying new or existing interiors is crucial to create a confident, caring and lasting positive impression. Now the cleaning sector has the option of an air freshening system that combines science, fragrance technology and sustainability.