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Dressed to protect

20 June 2014

Providing cleaners with personal protection and workwear is just as important as giving them the correct equipment to safely and efficiently carry out daily tasks.

The hazards and risks faced by cleaners include exposure to dangerous substances, such as biological agents that can lead to asthma, allergies, and blood-borne infections, noise and vibration, slips, trips, and falls, particularly during "wet work" and electrical hazards from work equipment.

To minimise the risks, business owners have an obligation to provide employees with a safe work environment, including taking sufficient steps to prevent the risk of injury. This encompasses the provision of top-to-toe personal protection. 

Dickies are a world renowned brand for workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE products from Dickies include ear defenders, ear plugs for ear protection, goggles and safety glasses to protect eyes, bump caps, gloves for hand protection, respirators and disposable coveralls.

Dickies also provide a range of workwear to suit cleaners’ needs with Redhawk super work trousers, Redhawk ladies trousers, short sleeve polos, fleeces, jackets and even footwear.

For example, the Dickies Stockton super safety trainer or Clifton shoe includes a steel toe cap and midsole for maximum protection whilst resisting petrol, oil, alkalis and some acids. The Dickies Redland boot with a sole resists petrol, oil, alkalis and some acids whilst the steel toe cap helps to protect the top half of the foot.