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It's true - size really is everything

14 February 2014

The size of an entrance matting installation has a direct impact on how much moisture makes it onto the floors, making the old adage of “size matters” true, says Patrick Morel of Milliken Mats

The recommended length of matting is between 7 and 10 metres – depending on traffic intensity. Unfortunately, many locations simply do not have enough entrance matting in place. The root cause of this often lies with the architectural configuration as the size of the mat well is rarely big enough compared with foot traffic intensity. The simplest and most cost effective solution is to extend the matting using a surface mounted, permanent or semi-permanent solution.

The Obex complete matting system is designed to provide such options with the Forma 11 mm modular tile which can be surface mounted and finished with an aluminium ramp system to allow easy foot and wheeled traffic. Similarly, the Atrium Plus textile matting is available in the same colour options as Forma, making it a complementary solution, and allows large areas to be covered on either a semi-permanent or permanent basis.


In the case of the latter it can be glued to the floor and edged with screwed down aluminium trim. The semi-permanent option also allows large areas to be covered but without being fixed in place, and because of their specific rubber backing with suction cups they won’t move around like smaller loose lay mats can, but can still be taken up to allow access to the floor beneath. These installations are fully edged with rubber and can be manufactured on a bespoke basis.