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Asset Skills provides an update on merger plans

18 November 2013

In the past few months the proposed merger of Asset Skills, CSSA and FMA has been discussed on a regular basis, and following the unanimous votes in favour of the merger by members of the CSSA and FMA, the board of Asset Skills is to vote at the end of November.

Asset Skills CEO Sarah Bentley has also issued a statement offering further insight into what the newly merged organisation plans to do once her own board votes to go ahead with the merger.

She explains that the proposed merger of Asset Skills, CSSA and the FMA is part of a vision to create a new and consolidated industry body, and that the new organisation will be a membership body that educates, represents and supports service providers and service users.

Sarah Bentley commented: "There is wide agreement that consolidation is a positive step towards offering better representation for the industry, and tangible benefits to members. Having listened to what the industry and the users really need from a membership body, we have worked hard to develop an extensive offering; including a complete package of training and education.” 

She continued: "We will be providing bespoke training programmes designed for each sector that will be available to members as part of the benefits package. Training will be made available to operatives, supervisors and managers of all levels and delivered in an affordable and flexible way - including online and mobile.”

Sarah Bentley concluded: "This merger is intended to be just the start of a vision for the future of representation in the industry. The consolidation will not end with these three organisations, and other interested parties are invited to discuss the possibility of being involved with the exciting plans in the future.”