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China increases its attention towards industrial cleaning

06 September 2013

As rapid economic growth is not the Chinese government's foremost priority, but rather the improvement of the manufacturing industry in response to new market conditions, Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo is putting increased efforts into its China International Water Jet and Industrial Safety Show 2014. The show will be held concurrently with China Clean Expo 2014 from March 31 to April 2, 2014.

With the Chinese government's emphasis on establishing the improvement of the manufacturing industry as an important goal, cleaning is clearly becoming an important aspect, as it is an essential part of industrial manufacturing, being widely used in the machinery industry, automobile manufacturing, the electronics industry, telecommunications, household appliances, the food industry, the textile industry, the papermaking industry, the printing industry, the oil industry, the transportation industry, the power industry, metal processing, medical instrument manufacture, optical products, military equipment, the aerospace industry, the nuclear industry and more.

According to a survey, China's industrial cleaning agent market in 2011 reached 20 billion yuan, and more than 300 billion yuan in 2012. It is noted in the 12th five-year plan that the overall goal for Chinese industry is to increase enterprises' levels of clean production in key industries and industrial parks – both on the provincial level and above, to accentuate the function of clean production in energy saving and emission reduction, and to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive implementation of clean production. Therefore, demand for industrial cleaning, industrial cleaning technology and industrial cleaning equipment and industrial safety products is becoming increasingly strong.

However, the cleaning problems in the country's industrial manufacturing industry have not attracted sufficient attention. Problems resulting from improper cleaning solutions at the workplace happen quite often. In recent years, food safety has become a hot social topic. Industrial cleaning is becoming more and more important. If the pollutants in manufacturing and processing cannot be removed effectively, this will cause huge damage to industrial production, with resources wasted and efficiency reduced as a result, and with safety accidents and low-quality products as unavoidable consequences. With this as the background, the China International Water Jet and Industrial Safety Show 2014 aims to help visitors keep pace with market conditions.

This show will continue to work with a number of associations, including the National Cleaning Information Center and the Shanghai Chemical Industry Association locally, and E-united, VDMA and Afidamp internationally. Around 400 exhibitors will be showcasing their products in the field of Industrial Safety Equipment, Industrial Cleaning Equipment and Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, covering a wide range of products like safety detector and hazard controls, industrial wiping paper, high-pressure cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners, cleaning agents, inhibitors, paint removers, etc. It is estimated that the event will attract 20,000 professional buyers, dealers and distributors from the industries of aviation, industrial maintenance, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, food and textiles, wood processing, etc.

Industrial cleaning is an urgent problem that the industrial manufacturing process requires be solved. With effort put into this area, management in more and more businesses are focusing their attention here and starting to purchase some high technology industrial cleaning and safety products to help staff complete difficult cleaning tasks, thereby offering huge business potential in the industrial cleaning market. The show intends to forge a great platform for industry players to gather together to develop business and networking, thereby boosting the development of the industrial cleaning industry and leading the cleaning industry towards a path of sustainable development.