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Cleaning machine buyers seeking more productivity and manoeuvrability

07 March 2013

Cleaning teams, cleaning contractors and facilities managers are constantly looking for ways of getting more cleaning done with greater effectiveness for a smaller budget says Truvox

Cleaning teams, cleaning contractors and facilities managers are constantly looking for ways of getting more cleaning done with greater effectiveness for a smaller budget says Truvox

Building Managers are also looking to increase the return on every square metre of office or workshop space, so are getting more people and equipment into less space right up to legally permitted limits. That in turn reduces the gaps between furniture, limits access to areas of floor and makes it more necessary for floor care machines to be manoeuvrable and compact.

The increasing trend to daytime cleaning as a means of cutting overtime for anti-social hours and reducing labour costs are imposing new health and safety requirements on cleaning teams and contractors which the machines they use must be able to meet.

Daytime cleaning inevitably means that cleaners must avoid risks that might cause staff or customers to trip over cables or slip on damp floors, so cleaning contractors increasingly require cordless scrubber dryer that leave the floor safely dry after a single pass.

Hugely increased vehicle fuel costs mean that cleaning contractors need smaller, lighter machines so that more equipment can be carried in smaller vans at lower cost. Lighter machines are also vital to occupational health, especially where machines have to be transported in lifts to other floors.

The importance of rechargeable battery power Considerations of weight and manoeuvrability apply particularly to classes of cleaning machines that have historically been large and heavy. Cleaning teams are proving enthusiastic about the Orbis Battery Scrubber, introduced last year, for cleaning where space to manoeuvre is limited, and the latest Orbis UHS 1500 Cordless Burnisher, particularly where cleaning has to be carried out during working hours, according to Ricky Smith, UK field sales manager at Truvox International.

"The sheer manoeuvrability of our latest cordless machines is a major benefit when you have to clean quickly and efficiently around multiple obstructions in a crowded space" he explained. "Not having a trailing power lead is a big safety benefit when staff and customers are present" he said.

Powered by two minimummaintenance rechargeable 12V Gel batteries, providing a 24V power supply, the Orbis Battery Scrubber is also said to be proving popular with hospital cleaning teams.

The Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust has recently purchased eight Truvox Orbis Battery Scrubbers to assist in improving cleaning standards at Sandwell Hospital and Birmingham City Hospital. The Orbis Battery Scrubber is suitable for busy crowded areas where hygiene is a priority. It is particularly useful to cleaners working during the day because it frees them from the need to gain access to power points to be able to do their work.

The Orbis battery scrubber dryer has a 17-litre solution tank with adjustable solution flow, and a removable and easily emptied 26-litre recovery tank.The squeegee is sensibly located behind the brush for best possible drying performance and shock absorbing wheels either side of the squeegee to prevent it from being damaged and to protect furniture and fittings from impact.

Battery power is particularly useful when cleaning premises with stringent security and access control measures, because cleaners need less access to power points.The high 1500 rpm speed of the Orbis UHS 1500 Cordless Burnisher achieves that high gloss without mains power, but with minimum effort, and minimum time.