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Janitorial graffiti response kit

30 June 2021

MERLIN'S JANITORIAL Graffiti Response Kit is a valuable tool for facility managers and janitors when it comes to addressing the issue of graffiti.

It works first time, ensuring that an operator can quickly move onto the next task, with the knowledge that the job has been done effectively.  It is estimated that the cleaning up of graffiti costs over £1 billion in the UK alone, so a hard-working, efficient removal kit is much needed.

Designed to provide a quick and effective solution for the removal of small areas of graffiti, the speciality kit includes three aerosols:

  1. Mild graffiti remover for removing light graffiti from non-porous surfaces including delicate paint
  2. For removing paint and graffiti from hard absorbent surfaces
  3. For use on hard surfaces fouled with spray paint, permanent marker and leather dyes, as well as a tub of abrasive dry wipes and a mild Ready To Use (RTU) detergent solution

It is intended for use in all areas and locations where graffiti is an ongoing problem, such as schools, public buildings, etc. The kit is easy to use and highly effective ensuring instant results.   All the user has to do is assess the surface and select the appropriate aerosol and confirm the compatibility on a small area of the substrate.  The aerosol is then sprayed onto the graffiti and left to soak for 20-60 minutes.  It is then washed off the surface with fresh water (ideally warm/hot water) then after removal clean the surface with the RTU finishing detergent and wiped dry.

For more information visit https://www.holchem.co.uk/divisions/foodservice-and-facilities/product/speciality-products/