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Monitor and control the population density of your workplace

18 August 2020

Offices, factories and distribution warehouses are slowly starting to reopen, welcoming back employees after several months of working from home or having been furloughed. Management teams face the challenge of keeping employees safe, making changes to workspace layouts, increasing deep cleaning and sanitisation efforts and putting in measures – such as modified work schedules or team shift patterns – to reduce the number of people in buildings at one time.

Monitoring and controlling building entrance points – especially during peak times – will be crucial to ensuring social distancing guidelines are respected, and that employees are as safe as possible from the moment they enter the premises.

To help facilities and security managers keep track of and enforce how many people are in their building, or in a particular area of the building, at any given time, Integrated Design Limited (IDL) has modified its Fastlane Connect Multilane Controller, which facilitates the convenient monitoring and control of up to 63 lanes of Fastlane turnstiles or Door Detective Plus doorways, via a small desktop touchscreen console.

Utilising a secure ethernet network, the Multilane Controller quickly presents activity data such as traffic flow, population count and forced entry attempts from each turnstile or internal door secured by Door Detective Plus in the network through the web-based Fastlane Connect portal.

The Multilane Controller has always been able to maintain and report count data from any or all of the lanes and has a threshold feature which will create a sum total population count over a chosen number of lanes. The unit is set up with a total population threshold and told which of the lanes, or doorways, contribute to this count. Once the threshold is reached, the threshold display turns red and bleeps several times as a warning.

“Given the now crucial need to monitor and control the number of people in a given area – a floor within a large office, shared kitchen or toilet facilities – we have adapted the Multilane Controller to help facilities managers enforce a limit on numbers with the addition of a ‘lock’ feature, ensuring social distancing guidelines can be adhered to,” comments Tony Smith, Major Account and Marketing Manager at IDL.

Tony continues: “Now, by selecting the lanes which contribute to the count, setting a maximum limit and choosing ‘lock’, the chosen lanes will automatically go into ‘no entry’ mode when the threshold is reached, ignoring further authorisation signals and showing a red light on entry until the number count drops to a safe level. Whilst the turnstiles or Door Detective doorway will lock for entry, the lanes/door can still be used to exit in the normal way. When someone does exit and thereby reduces the population count, the entrance control will reset to normal and allow additional people to enter.”

The Multilane Controller overcomes the need for a dedicated network to control the turnstiles or doorways. Enabling customers to utilise their own office network simplifies the process of data delivery whilst giving control over a large number of entrance points from one desktop console. This also makes the Multilane Controller a rapidly deployable and cost-effective solution for existing Fastlane customers needing to monitor and control the population of specified areas.
Fastlane turnstiles have been installed in some of the most iconic buildings across the world, from The Aldar HQ Building in Abu Dhabi to the World Trade Towers in NYC, because they combine intelligence with elegance. The multi-directional beam matrix provides an opinion-forming ‘entity management’ system which instantly and effectively assesses the pattern of beam breaks to ensure the safe and swift passage of authorised users. Any attempts to bypass security measures are flagged up with an alarm and via Fastlane Connect to maintain a building’s integrity.

For more information about the Multilane Controller or any other Fastlane or Door Detective products, please contact our team today on +44 (0)208 890 5550 or send us an email to info@fastlane-turnstiles.com to find out more.