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Easy and effective graffiti removal

27 November 2020

IS GRAFFITI art or is it just an act of plain vandalism? Opinions on this differ greatly.

The fact is that the name of the artist is seldom known and the cost of removing unwanted drawings, texts or symbols is usually borne by the community at large or by the owner of the object. But now, through its patented, mobile Tornado ACS vacuum-blasting system, the systeco company in Berlin offers an efficient method to remove graffiti from surfaces without having to resort to pressure cleaning or to chemicals. 

Since the cleaning system is a closed circuit and any pollutants are filtered out and separated inside the system, there is no need to remove any dirt, water, detergents or residual substances afterwards. 

Special protective clothes are not required and the work can be carried out in public, both inside buildings and outside. This makes the job of removing graffiti a lot easier. 

The systeco company guarantees the solid quality of its products for the eco-friendly cleaning of polluted surfaces both indoors and outside. The company's patented TORNADO ACS vacuum-blasting system is a future-oriented, innovative cleaning system that stands out due to its eco-friendliness, safe operation, and high economic efficiency.

For more information visit www.sys-teco.com