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Residents go green

17 October 2017

Rendall & Rittner (R&R) encouraged residents across its 45,000 rental properties to ‘Go Green’ during this year’s Recycle Week (25th September – 1st October) when it comes to cleaning chemicals. 

The managing agent joined forces with ecological cleaning company Delphis Eco (which holds two Royal warrants) to offer residents’ starter packs of its plant based cleaning products at special discounted rates. Delphis Eco has supplied many of the cleaning products used by the company’s staff and contractors across a number of its property portfolio since 2016, resulting in an estimated annual saving of 477 tons of CO2 emissions. It was one of the company’s procurement initiatives in order to reduce service charge expenditure. 

The move coincides with Delphis Eco launching, what it describes as, the world’s first 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging across its complete range this month, in a pioneering move to make its products even greener. 

Estate managers at a number of R&R developments also competed to encourage residents to recycle their unwanted clothes via eco laundry and dry-cleaning service supplier LaundryRepublic. Its clothes recycling and donation scheme helps to raise money for charity Scope, preventing them from going into landfill. 

R&R director Catherine Riva said: “Good environmental practices are at the core of our business, and that extends both to choosing eco options for our supply chain and encouraging environmentally responsible lifestyles among the residents at our developments. 

“We are pleased to be able to make Delphis Eco’s range of cleaning products available to residents to use in their homes, as they are now used with great success by the majority of our cleaning staff and contract cleaners. The products are proven to be not only better for the environment, they also have health benefits being free of harmful chemicals and save money because less of the product is used.”

The Delphis Eco cleaning packs available to residents contained a selection of products all packaged in the new completely recycled plastic bottles.